PBB-teen-clashPinoy Big Brother opened its house once again for teens ages fourteen to nineteen years old and last April 10. 2010, fifteen housemates were introduced to the public. These fifteen young and fresh faces will be the talk of the town for the next eight weeks. Just like the regular season, Pinoy Big Brother doubles up, the famous Kuya’s house is still divided into two and this time seven housemates that are living simple and not so comfortable lives outside occupied the “Villa” and eight well-off and comfortable teen housemates occupy the “Apartment”.

The “Villa” resembles the total opposite of the lives of the housemates outside for they are given all they want like comfortable complete furnished beds and a swimming pool. The housemates in “Villa” are Angelo, Devon, Eslove, Joe, Kyra, Shey and Yong. The “Apartment” on the other hand, had features of a real apartment with no beds and no swimming pool. The “Apartment” housemates had the taste of a not so comfortable life inside because they were to sleep on “banig” with very hard pillows and these teens are used to sleeping on soft mattresses and pillows. First night inside the “Apartment” is already a big challenge for these teens. The “Apartment” teens are Fretzie, Ivan, Kazel, Patrick, Rebecca, Tricia, Yen and Romeo. There are supposedly sixteen housemates but one teen housemate got health problems prompting Kuya to pick another housemate instead. Maichel was chosen to be part of the official sixteen housemates and entered the house on Day 2 as one of the “Villa” housemates. The housemates eventually started to mingle with each other and became easily comfortable with some.

The housemates were then given their first daily task, which is identifying the housemates of the opposite house through matching baby pictures with their correct names. Failure to name all the housemates correctly will mean eviction for one housemate. Both houses were given a chance to meet and ask the housemates of the other house through the TV screen and instead of making the task easier for them, it only complicated things for the “Villa” housemates. The “Apartment” teens got a taste of their first victory against the “Villa” housemates. The winning team was then asked to decide on which housemate to evict, and they chose Shey. The “Villa” teens then asked Kuya if there is any way they can save Shey from eviction, and he listened to their plea by placing Shey’s fate in a water volleyball game. The “Villa” housemates won the game and saved Shey from being evicted.

The housemates were also given their first weekly task, which involves a goat. The house that would gather enough milk at the end of the task wins the weekly budget. It was a close match but “Villa” once again triumphed. Day 8 inside the house was another stressful event for the teen housemates for they are to face the process of nomination. They individually cast their votes inside the confession room giving one and two points for housemates that they think is not worthy of extending the stay inside the house. During the night, the nominees were unfolded and Angelo, Eslove, Tricia, Romeo and Patrick got the most points. Tricia got a perfect 12 from her housemates since all of them gave her 2 points because of her mood swings. Angelo, on the other hand, got nominated because of his serious attitude. After the announcement of nominees, another name was included in the list, and it was Maichel. Kuya came into a decision to, automatically nominate him because of a number of violations. He was given a task immediately when he entered the house by letting the housemates guess the correct spelling of his name before he could actually speak, but he failed to do so. He was also caught communicating through hand signals and talking with the other housemates without a lapel microphone. Kuya then decided to do a swap among the housemates and Joe and Tricia switched houses without bidding goodbye to their friends. Joe was warmly accepted by the “Apartment” teens and his bubbly personality helped him gain new friends. Tricia, on the other hand, had difficulty adjusting with the “Villa” housemates most especially with the girls, but they cleared things up and eventually accepted their differences.

The housemates also had their “teentramurals” wherein they will be competing in a series of events and the winning team will be allowed to give P10, 000 to a recipient. The “Villa” once again won and proved their supremacy. During the middle of the week, Kuya noticed that Maichel continues to violate his rules, and he decided to, forcibly evict Maichel from the house. He was given enough time to say his farewell because he is to leave together with the evictee at the end of the week. The housemates were then given their second weekly task titled “teentertainment”. They were tasked to choreograph a dance number to be voted by the Showtime judges that will comprise 50% of the total score and the other half will be decided by the public. The performance of the “Villa” was praised by the judges, and they got a higher score in comparison to “Apartment”. The people also gave the “Villa” teens more than 50% of the votes giving them their second consecutive win with their weekly task.

During the eviction night, Maichel was the first one asked to leave and one by one, the other housemates were saved. The percentage of votes is as follows: Tricia- 41.48%, Eslove- 21.20%, Patrick- 16.63%, Angelo- 15.16% while Romeo got the lowest with 5.53% and was the first official evictee. Catch the remaining housemates in PBB: Teen Clash of 2010 on ABS-CBN’s primetime block.