Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) has released last December 16, 2010 a redesign of the new Philippine Peso Bill. The design features some of the Philippines famous Filipinos and natural wonders. Sizes of the new Philippine bill design is still the same as before which is 160mm x 66mm.

There were some errors discovered on the new design. Some of the errors was the Batanes was excluded from the Philippine map on the reverse of all denominations, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean Underground River on the reverse of the 500-peso bill was on the wrong location and the Tubbataha Reef on the 1000-peso bill. The beak and feathers of the blue-naped parrot on the 500-peso bill also has the wrong color. Including the scientific names of the animals featured on the reverse sides of all banknotes or Philippine bills were incorrectly rendered as well.

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