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REGION - Central Visayas (region 7)

- 5th largest which excludes the highly-urbanized cities of Cebu City, Lapu-lapu City and Mandaue City. As of August 2007, from latest census accomplished by the government, there were 798,000 people living in Cebu City, with over 3.5 million in the entire Cebu province.

- 19th largest, Total 5,088.4 km²

- April 7, 1521 and April 27, 1565

- From December to May, the weather turns dry, which means this is the best time to visit Cebu Philippines. From December to February, it is the coolest, and from March to May is the hottest (summer). Temperature can rise as high as 37°C in the summer. Starting the month of July, the rainy seasons begins bringing heavy rainstorms that would sometimes prevent movements.

- You'll feel more comfy when you wear natural fiber, lightweight clothing. Bring shorts, hat, sunglasses, bathing suits, insect repellent, flashlight, sun block cream, tough shoes for walking, rubber slippers for the beach. Suitable formal wear for men is the Barong Tagalog . When visiting churches, mosques or temples, shorts or sleeveless shirts should never be worn.

ELECTRICAL - Places in Cebu are generally supplied with 220 volts, 60 hertz. A plug with 2 flat parallel prongs is the standard.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Taxicabs are extensively available. One may also take a colorful jeepney or a bus at a minimal fare in getting around cebu province. Tricycles (motorcycles with sidecars) are popular in outlaying areas and in the suburbs, quite particularly within Mactan Island.

All About Cebuano People
- We give you information about the people in cebu, which are also called cebuanos. How they look like, what are their attitude, culture, religion, the language they speak, and how to deal with cebuanos.

Festivals - Get the complete list of Cebu Festivals and Events.

Cities and Municipalities - Cebu province is currently subdivided into 9 cities, wherein 3 cities (Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue) has been classified as highly urbanized cities and the remaining 6 cities (talisay, car-car, danao, bogo, toledo, naga) are classified as component cities. We also provide the complete listings of Cebu's 47 municipalities.

Schools - Get the complete list of Cebu schools, universities, and colleges.

Hospitals - Get the complete list of Cebu Hospitals.

City Officials - We provide complete lists of Cebu Government Officials. List of Cebu Disrtict Representatives, Provincial Board Members, Department Heads, and City Mayors and Councilors.

CEBU Travel Destinations - list of some tourist destination that you will surely enjoy at Cebu Philippines.

Philippine BILLS and COINS - Description, color, sizes of all Philippine Peso coins and Philippine peso bank notes or bills that are in or were newly in circulation.

Philippine National Symbols - Complete list of our Philippine National Symbols or Pambansang Sagisag ng Pilipinas that has been recognized by Filipinos.

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