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Popular Festivals in Cebu Philippines

sinulog festival kadaugan sa mactan mount manunggal trek


The major and most popular Cebu festival, the Sinulog festival takes place every third Sunday of January to celebrate Señor Santo Niño de Cebu (Sir Baby Jesus of Cebu). Also commonly known as Fiesta Señor, the Sinulog fiesta features highlights that include a colorful and lively mardi gras parade after an opening solemn procession.


A celebration that takes place during the December Yuletide season, the Paskuhan Festival is a Christmas event that boasts of festive song showcases and lantern-making.


Literally translated into “Victory in Mactan,” this one-day celebration on April 27 features a one-day re-enactment of the historic Battle of Mactan, when forces of Cebuano chieftain Lapulapu defeated the far more technologically advanced troops of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

4. Virgin Queen of the Rule Fiesta

The Virgin of the Rule fiesta celebrates the Cebuanos' deep religious faith. Held from November 20-21 in Opon town and Lapu-Lapu City, this social and religious event is a showcase of the best that Cebuanos have to offer, including food fair, a procession with all the pomp and circumstance expected of the Filipino, and a coronation of a Fiesta Queen.

5. Semana Santa sa Bantayan

Bantayan Island celebrates Holy Week with a series of solemn religious rites and local celebrations. On the second week of April, this normally quiet island near Cebu comes alive with tourists and inhabitants' relatives and friends, who all arrive to enjoy the presentations they put on, the beautiful white sandy beaches and clear tropical waters.

6. Fiesta sa Carcar

The Cebuano town of Carcar is renowned for how brilliantly the Spanish architecture of its houses stand out against the quaint Cebuano countryside. On November 24 and 25, Carcar comes alive with a celebration in honor of its patron, St. Catherine of Alexandria. Popular local delicacies are cooked up in great amounts to supplement lively entertainment.

7. Sanayon

The Sanayon is a festival held in several towns in the second district of Cebu about 100 km south from Cebu City. A month-long agro-tourist activity, the Sanayon is another attraction that brings tourists out to the beautiful Cebuano countryside.

8. Tres de Abril Celebration

Cebu looks forward to this celebration every April 3 to remember the Cebu natives' victory under the leadership of Leon Kilat over Spanish forces. This historic battle resulted in the illustrious distinction of Cebu towards being the first major island outside Luzon to oppose the Spaniards.

9. Tagbo festival

To honor the patron of Patron Santo Niño de Poro, this festival is observed in the month of January.

10. Chinese Moon Festival

This festival starts from 2nd October and closes on 7th October and is observed with great pomp and vigor. It features dragon dances, parades and a display of fireworks.

11. Dinagat Festival

The main traits of this festival is dance competition based on the rituals associated with fishing and street dancing.

12. Nuestra Senora, De Regla, Fiesta

This event takes place for two days, that is 24th and 25th November. It is observed to honor the Saint Catherine of Alexandria.(the patron of Carcar).


1. Cebu City Charter Day (24th February)

This event is celebrated to observe the anniversary of Cebu, as the first chartered city of Phillipines. The military parade is a treat to watch.

2. Pasyon sa Mandaue

This event takes place on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On this day the citizens of Cebu act out the passion, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ at a continuous stretch for 36 hours.

3. Tres De Abril Celebration (3rd April)

This event is celebrated to commemorate the historic battle that took place when Leon Kilat was the leader. This battle won Cebu the recognition of being the first island that raised their voice against the Spanish rule

4. Bahug-bahug sa Mactan or Kadaugan sa Mactan (27th April)

On this day the profffesionals act out the Battle of Mactan , when Magellan got defeated at the hands of Lapu Lapu.

5. Fiesta sa Mandaue

This event commences form 8th May and stretches for a week and this event is specially held to honor St Joseph (the patron saint of Cebu).

6. Feast of Santa Filomena

This event is celebrated in the first week of the month of August, in the islands of Tingo and Olango

7. Via Crucis

The highlight of this event is that the devotees take part in a procession and they have to make their way through the stations of the cross that is built on the rolling hills and covers an area of about 12 hectares.

8. MT. Manungal Trek

A mountain trek that is organized every year in remembrance of Ramon Magsaysay, the president of Phillipines, who died in a plane accident.