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Throughout the centuries, Filipino recipe has been a constantly evolving merge of Oriental and Occidental influences. Chinese, Malay, Arab, Spanish, and American explorers and settlers have each contributed to the regions colorful culinary delights. Most of the Filipino recipes and filipino foods comes from the Spaniards, whose cuisine is at the source of nearly 80% of all Filipino recipes. Another, though less present influence is that of other South-East Asian countries who have contributed all but their love of hot spices to Filipino cooking in filipino recipe.

To brush up our gallery of treats from the Philippines, we have included a glossary of terms that will help you figure out what it all means, and make your journey to the grocery store easier. This site is also a work in progress, and we plan to add recipes in the months to come, so keep coming back. Included are the cooking tips as well, filipino delicacy, filipino drinks, weights and measurement and where to buy filipino ingredients if your in Canada or United States.

Below are the categorized list of our filipino recipes. We hope you'll enjoy and have fun cooking filipino foods

sinigang na bakaFilipino Pork and Beef Recipe

chicken afritadaFilipino Chicken Recipe

baked tahongFilipino Seafoods Recipe

filipino chopsueyFilipino Vegetable, Rice and Noodles Recipe

cuchintaFilipino Merienda (Snacks) Recipe

sapin-sapinFilipino Dessert and Salad Recipe

sopas de fideosFilipino Soups and Sauces Recipe

jollibeeThe Filipino Number One Fastfood Chain

goldilocksFilipino Bakeshop and Foodshop


street foods in the Philippines

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