the philippine flag Filipino Merienda or Snacks Recipe

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This covers a peculiarly Philippine meal — the snack or merienda which, while roughly corresponding to the American coffee break or English tea, is really rather different.

At merienda time, usually four in the afternoon and sometimes also around ten in the morning, the average Filipino takes his traditional snack. Foods served at merienda can be almost anything. Usually, they include noodles, salads, some types of soup like arroz caldo, bachoy and pancit molo, some meat dishes, like rhenudo, served with pan de sal and dinuguan served with puto, and almost all kinds of desserts. And of course, tea, coffee or soft drinks.

The typical merienda fares, however, are native delicacies made from glutinous rice and coconut. Included in this section are some of the more popular rice cakes (bibingka).


Bibingkang Cassava (cassava cake)
Cuchinta (steamed rice cake with lye water)
Filipino Turon
Palitaw (sweet rice dumplings)
Pan De Sal (crusty salty rolls)
Puto Cheese (steamed muffins with chees)
Biko (sticky rice cake with caramel topping)
Emapanda (meat turnovers)
Ensaymada (cheese buns)
Halo - Halo
Guinataang Mais (corn in coconut milk)
Maruya (banana fritters)
Siopao (steamed buns with filling)