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Mundo man ay magunawFilipino Movie teleserye Title: Mundo man ay magunaw
TV Network: ABS-CBN
Directed by: Jeffrey R. Jeturian, Rechie A. Del Carmen
Executive Producer: Narciso Y. Gulmatico, Jr., Grace Ann Bodegon-Casimsiman
Genre: Drama, Romance, Suspense
Start date: January 30, 2012
End date: July 13, 2012
Time slot: 2:30 p.m. (PST)
duration of movie: 30 to 45 minutes

Created by: Salvador Royales
Written by: Nikki Bunquin, Jaymar Castro, Denise O'Hara
Opening theme: "Hulog ng Langit" by Aiza Seguerra
Ending theme: "Hulog ng Langit" by Angeline Quinto
Editors: Shyra Marie Joaquin, Billy Joe Karganilla, Maydelle Marcial, Ding Mora
Cinematography: Hermann Clavarall, Neil Daza, Jafet Tutanes

Mundo Man ay Magunaw Main Cast
Eula Valdez as Olivia "Olive" San Juan-La Peña Eula Valdez as
Olivia "Olive" San Juan-La Peña

Olive is 42 years old. She has 2 daughters named Sheryl (she thought was dead, however, her best friend Rebecca stole her daughter from her) and Jenny (she knew that she is with La Pena family). She is one of the main protagonists and was in prison for 20 years because she accidentally killed her husband Carlos La Pena. She never saw her two daughters grew up. After a series of events she is out of imprisonment and tries to rebuild a new life and a family she has never had but will also face the trials of her Mother-In-Law and the changes between her daughters Jenny and will find a new love in Emilio.

Empress Schuck as Bianca La Peña/Sheryl San Juan

Empress Schuck as
Bianca La Peña (real name)
Sheryl San Juan (name she got from parents who adopted her)

She is 20 years old and a college student that is graduating. She is the daughter of Rebecca and Dante (not her real parents). The younger half-sister of Jennifer and the legitimate daughter of Olivia and Carlos (she is Donya Alicia's biological Granddaughter). She is having part-time jobs for her to be able to pay her school fees. She is intelligent, strong willed, doesn't lose hope easily. She gets her strength in life through her friend "Niko". She struggles to finish her school to be able to find her father, Dante.
Nikki Gil as Jennifer "Jen" La Peña
Nikki Gil as
Jennifer "Jen" La Peña

Jen is 23 years old. She is in college senior and the head of a sorority group, Alpha Delta Kappa. The real and eldest illegitimate daughter of Dante and Olivia.She will try her best to keep her mother out of her life and she tries to be a perfectionist and tries at all odds to save her family business. She tries to find her true identity but tries to keep her trust for her grandmother who she only has. She tries to find her true self but finds herself loveless and assumes a new found happiness with Sheryl and Niko who will regain her spirit and also learn meaningful lessons in life.

Ejay Falcon as Dominiko "Niko" Poblador

Ejay Falcon as
Dominiko "Niko" Poblador

Niko is 24 years old and a fraternity leader in their village. He is very hardworking. He works as a water delivery boy in the morning and a student during night time. He is just an ordinary boy with ambitions and dreams in life. Her father is very abusive and very bad to Niko. He is also Sheryl's childhood friend and suitor. He will also be the main object of affection of Sheryl and Jenny.
Tessie Tomas as Donya Alicia La Peña
Tessie Tomas as
Donya Alicia La Peña

Donya Alicia is 60 years old and the President and owner of La Pena Food Corporation. She is the main Antagonist and also Olivia's Mother-in-law. She is very religious. She took care of Jenny as a way to get rid of the pains in her heart after the death of her only son Carlos. She has always been influential to her granddaughter, Jenny and those around her but also try to save her company from bankruptcy. She tries to solve her problems with prayer but has no idea on how to solve her own personal problems especially emotionally and financially.
Sylvia Sanchez as Leilani "Lani" San Juan
Sylvia Sanchez as
Leilani "Lani" San Juan

Lani is 42 years old, alcoholic and addicted to gambling. She is the wife of Dante. She is Olivia's sister and the one bound to also save her relationship with Dante and Sheryl. She also uses alcohol to keep the pains of her past from battling her emotions but will try her hardest to have the family she has never had even if it takes to get rid of Olivia out of her life and will also learn to get her help with a support group to help her with her struggles in life. Also she is the adoptive mother or biological aunt of Sheryl.

Allan Paule as Dante

Allan Paule as

Dante is 45 years old and his wife is Rebecca. He is strong, gentleman and loving.

Alex Castro as
Michael "Mike" Sarmiento

In a Planned marriage with Jenny and Ramona's lover.

Jayson Gainza as
Fortunato "Atoy" Poblador

Father of Niko and family friend of the San Juan' family

Pinky Amador as
Matilda La Peña

The Mother of Ramona and main conflict of Alicia and the La Pena family.

Dianne Medina as
Ramona La Peña

The Daughter of Matilda and Jennifer's cousin (actually, Sheryl's cousin) who is in a relationship with Mike which leads to abuse.

Supporting Cast
Franco Daza as Edward Fuentebella
Jong Cuenco as Paul Sarmiento
Gilleth Sandico as Nenita Sarmiento
Shey Bustamante as Beatrice Miranda
Hiyasmin Neri as Diana Valera
Princess Manzon as Alex
April Sun as Casey
Rosario Carlos as Christy
Joma Labayen as Joma

Guest Cast
Jodi Sta. Maria as Young Olivia
James Blanco as Young Dante
Katya Santos as Young Lani
Christopher Roxas as Carlos La Peña
Tanya Gomez as Monalisa San Juan
Maliksi Morales as young Niko
Brenna Penaflor as young Sheryl