the philippine flag Philippines Fighting Pride MANNY PACQUIAO

November 13
, 2011, Sunday
Manny Pacquiao WON versus Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Fight
round per round details
Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Fight

114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 for Pacquiao

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Marquez making his way to the ring with a mariachi band! Marquez comes in wearing a cap. Crowd chants, "Marquez, Marquez."

Manny is shown wearing a red and white headband and a red and blue robe. Manny coming out to "Eye of the Tiger" .

This fight will be for Pacquiao's WBO welterweight belt.

Mari Aragon sings the Philippine National Anthem. Fil-Am American Idol finalist Thia Megia will sing the US Anthem.

Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Fight


Let's get!!!!

Round 1 

Pacquiao testing with right
Both look chiseled
Both fighters feeling each other out
Manny wears blue trunks, Marquez' is black.
Marquez probing with left
Pacquiao lunging in
Marquez relying on left
Marquez with shots to body
Pacquiao looking to counter
For now Marquez is matching Pacquiao's speed
Pacquiao looking for angles
Marqeuz counter-punching
Pacquiao with good left
Pacquiao starting to connect
Round 1 ends

Round 2

Both fighters measuring each other. Manny was able to block counterpunches,
but no solid landings so far. Round 1 seems a tie.
Marquez is a good counter-puncher
pacquiao probing for weaknesses
Marquez is up to his old tricks. He's waiting for the counter-punches
Marquez looks confident
Pacquiao measuring him
Pacquiao leading with right
Good combo from Marquez
Pacquiao trying shots to body
Marquez trying to rely on counter-punching
Pacquiao seems to have a hard time evading the counters
Marquez lands a body and a straight.
He lands good shots to Pacquiao's face
Manny trying to find opening
Marquez methodical
Marquez just keeps moving forward. It's like he doesn't respect Pacquiao's power.
He's patiently counter-punching.
Round 2 ends

Round 3

Marquez knows Pacquiao very well
Marquez is not very adventurous with the angles, but Pacquiao's seems to have a problem with the timing and the speed.
Pacquiao always on the move
But Marquez getting his timing so far
Marquez seems able to anticipate Pacquiao
Marquez very patient
Marquez not showing any fear at all
Pacquiao lunging
Pacquiao can't land combos
Marquez is just savvy. He moves in and out and is mostly unscathed.
Marquez keeps countering
Pacquiao ends the round with a solid hit.
Round 3 ends

Round 4

Marquez seems able to anticipate
Pacquiao lands flurry
Pacquiao seems to be getting the timing down
Marquez with good left
Pacquiao stalking
Pacquiao connecting more in this round
Pacquiao trying to break Marquez's defense
Pacquiao closing in
Manny lands a solid left
Pacquiao connecting
This could be the start of great things for Pacquiao
Pacquiao seems to have gotten timing
Round 4 ends

Round 5

It's still a close round, but definitely a better showing for Pacquiao.
Pacquiao looks more confident
Marquez trying to counter
Pacquiao looking to land more combos
Pacquiao is getting hit
Marquez is slower but he's matching Pacquiao
Signs of frustration from Pacquiao
It's the timing
Marquez just seems to know Pacquiao so well
Marquez is landing jabs.
Pacquiao lands good right
Marquez still going toe to toe
Marquez lands good combo
Pacquiao gets hit with a combo
Round 5 ends

Round 6

Pacquiao can't seem to create the angles he needs
Because Marquez is anticipating him
Pacquiao's having trouble closing the distance
Marquez keeps hitting back after every Pacquiao punch that lands
Marquez with body shots
Pacquiao and Marquez exhanging
It's a throwback to their previous fights!
Pacquiao lands several good shots
Pacquiao connects on a combo
Marquez fires back
Pacquiao gets hit with body punches
Round 6 ends

Round 7

Pacquiao probing
Pacquiao's in trouble
Marquez not fazed by good punches from Pacquiao. He lands hard ones himself
Pacquiao trying to launch flurries
Fight reminiscent so far of their previous close ones
Pacquiao is landing good shots, but not enough combos
Marquez going after him
Pacquiao connecting with single shots
Marquez doesn't fear Pacquiao
No combos from Pacquiao
Pacquio trying to bait Marquez into a brawl
Round 7 ends

Round 8

Marquez not afraid of going toe to toe
Pacquiao trying to find opening
Pacquiao having trouble closing in
Marquez knows when to counter
Marquez keeps landing shots on normally elusive Pacquiao
Pacquiao's looks predictable at this point
Pacquiao and Marquez exchange flurry
Pacquiao needs to close in and turn this into a slugfest
Round 8 ends

Round 9

Big factor may be the fact that Marquez does not fear Pacquiao
Pacquiao trying to launch combos
Marquez putting left jab to good use
Pacquiao need to win the last rounds to make this decisive
Story of fight has been how Marquez has been able to anticipate and counter.
Normally, Pacquiao's punches come from all angles
Nice flurry from Pacquiao
Marquez lands to his face and body
Pacquiao trying to rush Marquez
Good punches from Manny
Marquez fires back
Round 9 ends

Round 10

Pacquiao needs to land combinations, not just single punches
Marquez simply fearless
There's no sense of urgency from Pacquiao
He's not pressing
Marquez slips
Pacquiao with hard shots
Pacquiao's closing in
Marquez is patient
Pacquiao should try to finish this
Pacquiao trying to close in. Marquez matching his punches
Marquez is making Manny look human
Flurry from Manny
Round 10 ends

Round 11

Pacquiao landing hard shots. Marquez not wilting
These two bitter rivals know each other well
Every time Pacquiao lands, Marquez makes him pay
Pacquiao lands, but he can't unload
Very different fight from Pacquiao's recent ones
Round 11 ends

Round 12

Manny is now bleeding, cut on his upper right eyebrow
Pacquiao needs to go headhunting here
Pacquiao chasing Marquez
Marquez has his timing down
Pacquiao needs to land combinations
Marquez isn't allowing Pacquiao to launch many flurries
It's puzzling why Pacquiao isn't pushing forward
Marquez has shown no fear at all throughout this fight
Unlike Pacquiao's recent opponents
Seconds winding down in this close fight
Pacquiao should be looking to end this
Marquez slugging it out
Classic encounter
Round 12 ends

114-114, 115-113 and 116-112  majority decision for Pacquiao

With Majority decision MANNY PACQUIAO WINS AGAIN!