the philippine flag Philippines Fighting Pride MANNY PACQUIAO

May 3
, 2015, Sunday
Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr.
pacquiao weigh in pacquiao versus mayweather jr. mayweather jr weigh in

May 3, 2015 (Sunday, Philippine time)
MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, Nevada
Mayweather's ring corner: Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Trainer), Rafael Garcia (Cutman), and Roger Mayweather (Assistant)
Pacquiao's ring corner: Freddie Roach (Trainer), Justin Fortune (Cutman), and Buboy Fernandez (Assistant)
Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight is co-announced by legendary Michael Buffer of HBO and Jimmy Lennon Jr. of Showtime
Referee for the main event is Kenny Bayless.
The judges are Burt Clements (Nevada), Dave Moretti (Nevada) and Glenn Feldman (Connecticut).

Philippine national anthem was sung by Filipino-American singer Gail Banawis accompanied by The Word Chorale will .
American national anthem was sung by Jamie Foxx.

The fight will be televised by all three major TV networks (GMA-7, ABS-CBN, TV5) in the Philippines.

Round per round details of Pacquiao versus Mayweather Jr. Fight:

They're jabbing at each other.
Floyd is flicking.
Mayweather working the jab
Mayweather drills Pacman with a straight right
Manny lands to body
Manny misses a big left.
Pacman waiting too much, finding it hard to touch Mayweather so far
Floyd short on jab and lands a lead right
Floyd lands a jab. Manny is circling. Crowd cheering for Manny
Hard right by Floyd lands
Floyd landed two pretty hard clean rights.

Right by floyd and Manny misses over top. Foyd goes to body
Floyd throws a right hand off the ropes and slides to center.
Manny coming forward but not doing anything effective
Good body shot by Manny. Floyd digs to body on clinch
Right by Floyd lands. Jab by Floyd. Manny ducks and ref breaks them
RIght by Manny lands
they smile at each other as round ends.

Manny misses badly
Pacman catches Floyd with a right hook
Hard body shot by Floyd and he's warned to keep it up
Mayweather headlocks Pacquiao.
Right by Floyd and good body shot by Manny
Floyd misses a right over the top
Floyd's cracking him with a jab.
Hard right by Floyd with five seconds left in the round.
Mayweather catches Pacman with counter right toward end of the round

Mayweather still on the defence.
Pacman catches May with counter right hook
Manny has Floyd caught in the corner and unleashes a storm of punches.
Floyd is on the ropes and Manny unleashes a devastating, thundering volley

Mayweather's counters too fast
Jab by Floyd
Right hand by Floyd seems to stun Manny a bit. They laugh and touch gloves
Pacman on the attack and Floyd circling now they clinch
Manny feints and Floyd spins away from the ropes
Another headlock by Mayweather

Rights by Floyd connecting.
Pacquiao responds with flurry
Nice body shot by Pacman
Pacman hurts May with another left, flurries at the ropes
That jab is a big factor for Mayweather

Looping right by Mayweather
Pacman caught with left hook
Mayweather studied Pacman's feints well.
He moves away before Pacquiao could get in
Good shot by Pacman
Mayweather eats a right hook and a straight left
Mayweather's lower lip is bleeding

Pacman touching May. Good sign
Pacquiao just missed with that looping left
May connects with right
Mayweather taking advantage of his vast reach

Pacman connects with left
Another left touches Mayweather
Pacman tagged by counter after combo at the ropes
Pacman not gun shy but he needs to find Mayweather more often

Straight-hook by Pacman hits May at the ropes
Mayweather too slick, too sharp.
Pacman needs a KO now
Mayweather is still avoiding and evading Pacquiao

Mayweather starts out aggressively
Pacquiao catches Mayweather with left, his best weapon in this fight
Nothing for Pacquiao in that flurry
Floyd fires a right that misses
Manny tries to trap Floyd in the corner, but misses with his combo.
Mayweather counters and scores points instead.

Fighters embrace to start round
Mayweather reading Pac well at the center of the ring
Another right.
Mayweather walking away with a decision
Mayweather dancing away
Both fighters raise arms.

Moretti has it 118-110
Clements and Feldman have it 116-112 for the winner Floyd Mayweather

With Majority decision FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. WINS!