the philippine flag Philippines Fighting Pride MANNY PACQUIAO

June 10
, 2011, Sunday
Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley Jr.
round per round details (LIVE!)
Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Fight

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This is the second time that Bradley will be fighting above 140 lbs.
Bradley was interviewed while wrapping his hand. He said: I am not intense tight now. I'm relaxed and focused.
Roach being interviewed said: manny has been stretching out his calves, which have given him problems lately.
Freddie Roach also confirmed that manny was watching the celtics-heat game in his lockerroom.
The Fight has been a little delayed since manny didn't expect arce-rojas bout to end so soon and because manny watched the heat-celtics game. He only started stretching after fight was called off.

Manny Pacquiao's official weight is 147 lbs.
Timothy Bradley Jr.'s official weigjht is 146 lbs.

Jessica Sanchez sings the Philippine National Anthem.

Bradley is 28-0, 12 KOs and currently jr. welterweight champ
Bradley is in the ring.

Manny came in with Buboy beside him and chavit behind him with the eye of the tiger song.
Referee is robert byrd


Let's get!!!!

Round 1 

manny looks like the smaller fighter
bradley in orthodx stance
bradely lands two rights but manny hits back easily
bradley leading with a left jab
bradley hits with some body shots
manny hits with solid lefts
good action from both fighters.
bradley had something going in the middle of the round
but manny came back near the end with three good lefts.
Round 1 ends

Round 2

bradley is rocked by a manny left
bradley crowding manny now. he was hit twice
bradley recovers nicely but manny tags him again
bradley is pretty resilient. he's more cautious now but still going forward
bradley tags manny with a good left at the end of the round.
Tough round to call since bradley bounced back from manny's initial onslaught.
Round 2 ends

Round 3

good body shot by bradley
pacquiao able to hit back though fairly easily
good jab by manny
good exchanges by both fighters
lots of action
no one gaining control of the fight yet
bradley staggered near the end of teh round
but he got in a couple good shots before that
work rate of both fighters went up in this round
manny's in for a good fight here
Round 3 ends

Round 4

bradley has been going to the body
pacquiao trying to land his left jab
bradley has been countering well
pacquiao comes through with some soild hits
both fighters swinging away
this is manny's best round
bradley starting to feel pacman's power
Round 4 ends

Round 5

manny's jab starting to connect
bradley has slowed down
manny now forcing the action
manny fakes a right
bradley ducks even though no punch came
manny nearly corners bradley on the ropes
bradley doing more bobbing and weaving now after getting hit more
you sense that manny is slowly getting control of the fight
Round 5 ends

Round 6

action slows down now
brief exchange, manny lands good left
bradley has slowed down considerably. he's now more cautious
good right by bradley
manny pins bradley in a corner, but bradley extricates
less action from both fighters
Round 6 ends

Round 7

bradley start off more aggressively with some jabs
bradley with right to the body
manny on the attack now
good exchange by both fighters
this is what pacquiao likes
good right by bradley
but solid left by manny
more action from bradley
but manny gets his shots in
Round 7 ends

Round 8

furious exchange there
pacquiao looking for that one solid punch
work rate slowed down in that round
bradley looks tired
there was a clash of heads early in the round
bradley got the worse of it
good right by manny near the end of the round
Round 8 ends

Round 9

momentum has shifted to manny
good left again by manny
great combination by pacquiao
bradley looks a little befuddled
bradley comes back with some good body shots manny took control early
but bradley came back with some shots to the body
bradley appeared to tire tough near the end of the round
Round 9 ends

Round 10

bradley scores with a combination
manny has slowed down in this round
manny needs to be more aggressive
bradley scores again
so far he's winning this round
manny needs to pick up the action
Round 10 ends

Round 11

manny still not active enough.
hasn't landed a good punch in quite some time
solid right by manny
bradley is one tough customer
manny needs to win 12th convincingly
manny slowed down in last three rounds
he was supposed to be already in control
Round 11 ends

Round 12

bradley connects with a left
fight's over
good effort by bradley in last few rounds
manny's work rate went down from rounds 10-12
this decision can go either way
bradley fought like a warrior
pacquiao just didn't do enough in the last few rounds
manny's speed just wasn't there in the end
his old combinations were nowhere to be found
Round 12 ends

timothy bradley wins WBO welterweight title by split decision
well-deserved for bradley

115-113 pacquiao
115-113 bradley

115-113 bradley
split decision
bradley wins

split decision for BRADLEY