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November 14, 2010, Sunday
Manny Pacquiao versus Antonio Margarito Fight
round per round details

pacquiao vs margarito

Pacquiao on his knees in prayer 
Michael Buffer introducing the fighters! 
Michael Buffer is on the microphone. 
Main event is about to start! 
This is a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC super welterweight championship 

Pacquiao in gold and white trunks. Margarito in black and red 
Margarito was introduced first. 
3-time world champion Antonio Margarito introduced as Mexican fans roar! 
7-time world champion Manny Pacquiao is introduced! Crowd goes wild 

manny pacquiao won versus antonio margaritoRound 1 
Margarito is so much bigger 
Manny jabbing w/ right 
Crowd seems split 
Pacquiao bobbing and weaving 
Manny throws early punches. 
Pacquiao lands solid blow 
Margarito looks like a giant 
Exchange of punches 
Pacquiao headhunting 
Manny maintains his distance but goes in and lands solid punches. Margarito has yet to answer with his own punches. 
Pacquiao is fast 
Margarito firing lefts
Margarito trying to catch Pacquiao
End of Round 1
ound 1 goes to Manny.
Margarito looking to land power punches, but Pacquiao zipping in and out
Pacquiao making Margarito appear sluggish
Margarito threw only a few punches. Overheard from Pacquiao's corner, "Relax ka lang."

Round 2
Margarito is crouching and covering as he tries to stalk Pacquiao
Pacquiao with flurry, but Margarito fires back
Pacquiao's fists quick
pacquiao landing punches to Margarito's face
Margarito relentless though in stalking Pacquiao
Pacquiao switching from head to body, mixing punches
Pacquiao lands stinging blows. Margarito pushes Pacquiao to the ropes briefly. Manny is just sending a flurry of punches. Margarito is covering up.
Nice left by pacquiao
Pacquiao bobbing and weaving
Margarito trying to land power punches
Pacquiao relying on accuracy
Crowd in a frenzy
Round 2 ends
Good round for Pacquiao
Manny dominates second round, while Margarito finds his punches landing during the second round.
Pacquiao's speed is keeping the heavier Margarito at bay so far

Round 3
Pacquiao's hand speed enabling him to land combinations
Hand speed and accuracy has been doing Manny good at this point.
Margarito meanwhile trying to land single punches
Pacquiao with body shot
Margarito can't catch pacquiao so far
Manny tags Margarito with a straight left!
Pacquiao weaving in and out
Hard for Margarito to anticipate his move
Both fighters tangle briefly.
Pacquiao dictating the pace
Margarito almost corners Manny who fights back with a flurry of punches to the head.
Pacquiao avoiding Margarito's punches
Pacquiao connecting with right
End of Round 3
Hand speed and accuracy are Pacquiao's main weapons
Pacquiao's speed is turning out to be his advantage over the bigger Margarito.

Round 4

Margarito looks flat footed
Maragarito landed some punches
pacquiao fires back
Pacquiao lands heavy right flush to Margarito's face
Pacquiao lands crisp blows to Margarito's face!
Margarito seemed wobbled
Margarito's nose is bleeding
Body punches by pacquiao
Pacquiao wobbles Margarito
Margarito fighting back
Margarito trying to survive
Pacquiao is landing more punches.
He was wobbled by Pacquiao
Relentless punching by Pacquiao
Margarito now grappling Manny. He looks tired now.
End of Round 4

Margarito's nose is bleeding profusely.
Margarito took a beating in Round 4
margarito smiled after round 3, usually when fighters smile, it means it hurts 
Pacquiao somehow finding the target
Even when Margarito is covered up

Round 5
Margarito's mouth is open
"Floyd Mayweather, come out, come out wherever you are!" announcer says
Pacquiao's punches are coming from different angles
Manny caught in the ropes
Margarito lands punches to Pacquiao's face
Pacquiao looked hurt, but figts back
Pacquiao taunting Margarito
Pacquiao has great timing
Margarito being outboxed
Manny gets tag as he is forced to the ropes
Pacquiao keeps landing combos when Margarito tries to close in
Pacquiao negating Margarito's reach advantage with his speed

End of Round 5
Manny, however, manages to sneak in more punches to the face. Margarito's face is bloody now
Margarito's face is bruised
Pacquiao throws punches in bunches

Round 6
Margarito's face swollen
Manny remains a fast-moving fighter. Margarito chases him
Pacquiao's speed enabling him to elude Margarito
Manny is just running around, tagging Margarito with punches
Margarito trying to corner Pacquiao
Even when Pacquiao is moving backwards, he's tagging Margarito's face
Another good combo from Pacquiao, flush to Margarito's battered face
Margarito looks confused
Manny is moving left to right, right to left.
Margarito can't catch his foe
Footwork of Pacquiao is superb
Margarito catches Pacquiao
Several good punches from Manny
Margarito catches Manny in the ropes. Manny fights back.
Pacquiao cornered, but escapes after several punches. Round ends!
commentators are being bewildered at margs' strength 
Pacquaio's accuracy is great! 
Pacquiao was hurt in last round
Ref briefly stops the fight. Margarito is bleeding.

Round 7
Margarito has a battered face
Pacquiao weaving in and out
Pacquiao headhunting
Pacquiao is ahead, but Margarito hurt him last round
Manny is now seen dancing.
Pacquiao lands several punches to the face
Margarito tired but looking to land heavy punches
Margarito lands a right
Manny lands a right hook
Pacquiao doing rope a dope
Keeps tagging Margarito's face
Margarito cornered Pacquiao on ropes, but round ends
Manny has been in "perpertual motion" Manny was in the ropes for a while before the bell rang.
Margarito's face is a mess, but he's hurt Pacquiao with body punches

Round 8
Pacquiao still looking fresh, moving side to side
Margarito basically flatfooted
Manny seems resting at this round sending a few punches.
Margarito's eye is a cause for concern for his corner
Pacquiao using ropes but Margarito tagging hinm
Now it's Pacquiao's turn to attack
Pacquiao tagging Margarito's face again
Will rope a dope work for Pacquiao and tire Margarito?
Manny gets back and sends a flurry of punches after being cornered by Margarito
Margarito is like a bull being led to slaughter by Pacquiao
Pacquiao tempting Margarito by giing to ropes

Margarito lands several punches while Pacquiao on ropes. Round 8 ends
Margarito's turn to be in the ropes. That was a good round. Good exchange. Margarito catches Pacquiao with body punches.
I think no one can question Pacquiao's chin as well

Round 9
Margarito also landed an uppercut.
Same pattern. pacquiao daring Margarito to follow him to ropes
Margarito now the aggressor
Margarito trying to corner Pacquiao
Pacquiao seems confident he can take Margarito's punches whenever he fights off the ropes
Then punhces Margarito while the Mexican closes in
Manny just finds a way to evade Margarito and sneak in a flurry of punches.
Margarito can't keep Pacquiao on ropes
He's just slower than Pacquiao
Manny is just running around Margarito.
End of Round 9
here's the score/round: 10-9; 10-9; 10-9; 10-8; 10-9; 10-9; 10-9; in favor of Manny 
Corner working on Margarito's swollen eye
Margarito's face is badly bruised.

Round 10
Pacquiao always in motion
Margarito's only hope is to hurt him badly on the ropes
Manny lands a few more punches
But Pacquiao keeps firing back when he comes off the ropes
Pacquiao hits Margarito's face several times
Margarito covers up, Manny is now sending more punches. Margarito answers with a few jabs
Margarito's eye is almost closed
Pacquiao lands a hard right hook
Crowd going wild chanting "Manny! Manny!"
Margarito being hammered in the face
Manny is just dominating this round. Margarito is wobbly
Pacquaio hurts Margarito
Round 10 ends
Margarito's right eye is almost closed shut

Round 11
Manny lands a lot of punches to Margarito's face in the last round. It's amazing that Margarito is still up.
Pacquiao just too quick
Margarito's face is a mess
Margarito has heart, no doubt about that
Manny lands body shots.
Margarito still trying to land a heavy punch
Pacquiao just measuring him and firing punches from different anglkes
Manny drops more punches. Margarito is receiving a lot of punishment, as he is unable to answer to a flurry of punches from Manny.
Pacquiao lightning quick
Margarito just a stubborn warrior

Ref stops the fight briefly to check on Margarito
Pacquiao's face unblemished
Margarito's right eye is closed.
Margarito's right eye almost closed
Margarito just fighting out of pride
Margarito is now grappling Manny.
Pacquiao simply outboxing Margarito.
End of Round 11
That round goes to Manny. Margarito's right eye is shut.
Margarito refusing to quit

12th and final round
Pacquiao asked Margarito if he's OK
Manny is now maintaining his distance.
Margarito is a beaten but proud warrior
Pacquiao almost reluctant to hit him
Pacquiao still as fresh as in Round 1, just landing light punches
Manny tags Margarito who is now having trouble due to a shut right eye.
Pacquiao is a true gentleman
Margarito just wants to finish the fight on his feet
Manny lands more punches. A left and a right.
Fight is almost over.
Pacquiao is just too quick and too good
The crowd is going on a frenzy!
Fight ends! Crowd cheers!

120-108 118-110 and 119-109 for Pacquiao

the world's best pound for pound fighter, Filipino ring hero Manny Pacquiao defeated Antonio Margarito of Mexico and claim the WBC super welterweight crown, his eighth weight crown, at Cowboys Stadium in Texas Saturday night (Sunday here).

There was no knockdown but Pacquiao, in spite of giving up close to 20 pounds in weight and this proves dominant throughout the bout set at a catch weight of 150 lbs.

The Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao prevailed over the Mexican, becoming the first boxer to win 8 world titles in 8 different weight divisions.

Pacquiao now has 52 wins (with 38 KOs), 3 losses and 2 draws while Margarito owns a professional record of 38 wins (with 27 KOs) and 7 losses.

Songstress Zyrene Parsad sang the Philippine national anthem. The 24-year-old Parsad sang the "Lupang Hinirang" at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

She was dressed in a red Filipiniana gown decorated with Swarovski crystals designed by Pepsi Herrera.
A Mexican recording star sang the Mexican national anthem while the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders sang "The Star-Spangled Banner."

After the performance of the three national anthems, US hip hop recording star Nelly provided some entertainment for the 70,000 to 75,000 crowd in attendance.


With Unanimous decision MANNY PACQUIAO WINS AGAIN!