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May 8, 2011, Sunday
Manny Pacquiao versus Shane Mosely Fight
round per round details

Manny Pacman Pacquiao versus Shane Sugar Mosely

119-108, 120-108 and 120-107 for Pacquiao

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Jimmy Lennon introduced Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao with a lot of applasue from the audience.
Manny Pacquiao has been introduced as the fighting congressman from the Philippines and the one and only 8 division champion.

Referee Name is Kenny Bayless giving final instructions to both fighters.
Pacquiao wears blue shorts while Shane Mosley in black.

Charice Pempengco sings the Philippine National Anthem.


Round 1 
manny connects...manny looks faster. fighters study each other. wary... mosley jabs, pacman's defense up. Mosley looks nervous. mosley utilising the jabs, mosley with the left hook, pacman relatiates with a body punch, pamna jabs, keeps mosley away, pacman throws a left misses. close round...mosely had a good right.
End of Round 1

Round 2
pacman throws a right hook then left straight. mosley throws a right hook, pacman evades but loses his balance. pacman connect with a strong left to the body, mosley receives it well. near clash of heads. ref checks both fighters out. fight resumes. pacman connect with right hook, mosley stunned. pacman goes to the body then the head again
Round 2 ends

Round 3
pacman jabs his way in. then throws a long left. mosley moves away. pacman throws a left again. mosley seems hurt. pacman dictates the pace. pacman knocks down mosley! with a left straight! mosley up now, pacman connects with left again, mosley moves away... then clings to pacman. mosley survives. a thrilling round! knocdown mosely in 3rd round!!!
End of Round 3

Round 4
mosley on defensive mode. mosley clings... pacman tries to shove mosley away. mosley slips down the canvass. mosley is up agai. mosley loos wary. [acman stalks him. pacman tries to look for an openingm hooks to the head then the body. mosley afraid to engage
End of Round 4

Round 5
pacman keeps his hands up. mosley looks afraid. pacman cocks a hand then mosley immediately evades. mosley uses his jab to keep pacvman at bay. mosley connects twice in pacman's midsection. pacman unaffected. pacman presses the action, rattles mosley with a right hook. mosley clings. whisphers something to pacman. red separates them. pacman continues his attack. bell rings.
End of Round 5

Round 6
mosley faster with the jab. but pacman quickly answered back. pacman throws a looping left hand. ,osley counters. pacman with a 1-2. then a left hand lead. mosley clings/ another 1=2 from pacman that sent mosley scrambling. mosley jabns. pacman's hands are up.
End of Round 6

Round 7
mosley couldn't handle pacman's speed, says roach. pacman throwing left hand leads. mosley jabs but fails to utilize his longer reach. pacman stalks him. mosley tests his body but pacman answers with 6 fast punches. ,mosley forced to retreat. mosley connects with jab. strong 1[2 from pacman. the sound of pacman's punches reverberates.
End of Round 7

Round 8
mosley's face looks puffy. pacman's face unmarked. pacman connects with hook. mosley moves away then comes back with a right hand. pacman moves forward. he easily ducks under mosley's jabs. pacman connects to the body then throws ahook to the face. pacman throws punches from different angles. mosley struggles to keep his balance. could not plant his feet for that trademark right hand.
End of Round 8

Round 9
double jab by pacman. pacman rushes with a 1-2. mosley fires back. clash of heads. ref cheks both fighters. fight resumes. pacman connects with his power left. pacman hooks to the body then the head. ,osley turn to attack. [ac,am easily parries the punchjes. pacman connects again. throws back mosley with a powerful left. mosley jabs twice, connects.
End of Round 9

Round 10
mosley jabs. mosley could not handles pacmans speed. reels back from pacmans 1-2-3. pacman uses side to side movement. hits the body. mosley pushes pacman to the ground. ref counts. pacman protests. fight resumes. slightly angry pacman attacks. mosley clings for dear life. pacman's clearly angered wth the count. end of round 10.
Round 10 ends

Round 11
pacman's face shpows grim determination. pacman want to end the fight. strong jabs from pacman, sends mosley to the ropes. mosley too slow for the angry Pinoy. pacman shows domination over mosley. mosley employs defense. survives round 11
End of Round 11

12th and final round
people are chanting manny, manny! pacman connect with a right hand. mosley connects the body. pacman seems hurt but fights on. mosley clings then punches the body. boos from the crowd. pacman connects with left. paman throwds to the body then the head. pacman stalks mosley again. connects with left hook. mosley boxes his way. tries to survie the fiught. end of the fight.
End of Round 12

119-108, 120-108 and 120-107 for Pacquiao

With Unanimous decision MANNY PACQUIAO WINS AGAIN!