the philippine flag Philippines Fighting Pride MANNY PACQUIAO

April 13
, 2014, Sunday
Manny Pacquiao WINS versus Timothy Bradley Jr. Rematch
Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Fight

Pacquiao now has 56 wins 2 draw and 5 loss and 38 Knock-out. Bradley now has 31 wins 1 lost and 12 knock-out.

Judges ( Michael Pernick, Glenn Trowbridge and Craig Metcalfe)
official winning scorecard in favor of Manny Pacquiao 116-112 116-112 and 118-110

Jessica Sanchez in Kenneth Barliss gown performed the Philippine National Anthem 'Lupang Hinirang' for Pacquiao.

ROUND 1 - Bradley looks to have upper hand in first
Both fighters sizing each other up on the opening minutes, with both trying with jabs.
Bradley connected with a body shot but Pacquiao shrugged it off.
Bradley continuous on the body shots but hits air.
Pacquiao evades a right straight from Bradley then hits with a body blow.
Pacquiao evades more body punches from the American then connects on a three-punch combo.
Bradley came up with a right straight but hits Pacquiao’s arms.
Bradley pins Pacquiao to the ropes, but Pacquiao evades.

ROUND 2 - More fast-paced action for both fighters
Timothy Bradley continues offensive, immediately takes Manny Pacquiao to the ropes.
Pacquiao connects, wobbles Bradley.
Bradley evades a cross from Pacquiao.
Pacquiao pins Bradley to the ropes to the tune of screams of the fans.
Pacquiao looking for more combinations.
Bradley retaliates with own combos and head movements.
Bradley takes to the clinch then hits a short to the head.
Bradley connects with a right straight to the face of Pacquiao.

ROUND 3 - Bradley works on the body once more
Manny Pacquiao goes on the defensive, calculating every punch that Timothy Bradley throws.
Pacquiao connects with a jab, Bradley promptly curls up.
Pacman connects with a straight then a combination.
Bradley curled up in defense.
Pacquiao connects with another combo, then evades the ropes.
Bradley attacks again.
Pacquiao lands a left hook.
Another hook for Pacman.
Bradley retaliates with a head-to-body combo.
Another body shot from Bradley; Pacquiao counters with combinations.
Bradley weaves out of some Pacquiao’s offensive.
Bradley continues to work on Pacquiao’s body.

ROUND 4 - Pacquiao looks to slow down
Both fighters pick up the action from the bell.
Pacquiao working with a slippery Bradley, manages a short head punch.
Bradley hits air with his combos.
Bradley on the ropes, exchanges hard blows.
Pacquiao connects to the body.
Pacquiao looks slower, gets pummelled with a right straight, and another.

ROUND 5 - Pacquiao looking more intense
Timothy Bradley gets caught in the ropes.
Manny Pacquiao puts more intensity to the round, evades Bradley’s punches easily.
Pacquiao slowly calculating Bradley even as the latter curls once more.
Bradley connects with a right.
Pacquiao evades a sharp hook.
Bradley with effective head movements.

manny pacquiao wins manny pacquiao wins over timothy bradley

ROUND 6 - Pacquiao launches flurries
Timothy Bradley pins Manny Pacquiao to the ropes immediately at the start.
Pacquiao evades a short uppercut from Bradley.
Pacquiao, looking for some fakes against Bradley, evades a left hook.
Bradley lowers his body once more.
Pacquiao connects with a combination, Bradley counters but hits gloves.
Bradley’s left hits air.
Bradley starting to back track, looking to preserve his score.
Pacquiao unleashes a flurry on Bradley.

ROUND 7 - Pacquiao ups his punches
Manny Pacquiao with a very impressive defensive stance, Timothy Bradley hitting the Pacman’s guard.
Pacquiao connects with a straight, then an uppercut that wobbles Bradley.
Bradley retaliates with a right hook after a Dempsey roll.
Pacquiao evades the corner once more but gets hit at the body.
Pacquiao lands a left straight.
More combinations on the pinned Bradley, Desert Storm goes to a clinch.
Pacquiao unleashes more punches.
Bradley gets pinned on the red corner, tries to retaliate, but hits nothing.

ROUND 8 - Bradley backtracks
Manny Pacquiao eager to start the round.
Timothy Bradley careful with the distance, unleashing jabs to maintain his separation with Pacquiao.
Pacquiao hits with a left, wobbles Bradley once again.
Bradley reverts back to his body punches, his uppercut blocked by Pacquiao.
Bradley continues the jabs to maintain the distance.
Bradley launches an overhead, hits air.
Bradley backtracks once more, then clinches Pacquiao.
Pacquiao ups his defense, Bradley promptly clinches.

ROUND 9 - Pacquiao pins Bradley to the ropes
Timothy Bradley gets treatment from his cut man, Manny Pacquiao looking as fresh as he just got out of the dugout.
Bradley misses a right straight, clinches once more.
Pacquiao wobbles Bradley.
Pacquiao nearly knocks down Bradley, Desert Storm holds on to the ropes, Pacquiao fails to capitalize.
Bradley pinned in the corner, counters with a left jab.
Pacquiao unloads, Bradley manages to connect a jab.
Bradley ends up on the receiving end of the Pacman’s jabs.
Bradley exhibits fatigue, lowers left arm under his waist.

ROUND 10 - Bradley with a swell under right eye
Swell on Timothy Bradley’s right side of the face.
Manny Pacquiao evades Bradley’s three-punch combo with ease.
Bradley, fatigued, moves on to the clinch, referee Kenny Bayless breaks it up.
Both fighters on the middle of the ring no one looking to put the fight to ropes in the round.
Pacquiao connects with a left, Bradley hits air.
Another left from Pacman.
Bradley on the ropes on the final minute of the round.
Pacquiao connects with a jab.
Bradley ducks from the combo, then his counter hits air.

ROUND 11 - Bradley continues to evade Pacquiao
Once again, Manny Pacquiao was eager to start the fight, Kenny Bayless stops him in the middle.
Timothy Bradley connects with an overhead right.
Bradley, fatigued, moves on to the clinch once more.
Bradley once again lowers that left arm.
Pacquiao unleashes a combo.
Bradley, again, backtracks, avoiding any possible combinations from the southpaw.
Bradley attempts a three-punch combo, hits Pacquiao’s guard.
Pacquiao connects with a left straight.
Bradley is on the ropes once more.

ROUND 12 - Pacquiao sustains a cut
It’s the final round.
Crowd on their feet as both fighters go at it.
Manny Pacquiao sizing up Timothy Bradley in the middle of the ring.
Pacquiao pins Bradley to the ropes, then Bradley goes for the clinch.
Another combo from Pacquiao, Bradley could not open up the southpaw’s defensive guard.
Bradley’s straight meets Pacquiao’s forearm.
Final minute saw both fighters squaring each other.
Bradley’s combo hits air.
Chants of “Manny” rocking the arena.
Bayless momentarily stops the fight after Pacquiao sustains a cut.
Bradley looking for a finish.