the philippine flag Philippines Fighting Pride MANNY PACQUIAO

July 15
, 2018, Sunday
Manny Pacquiao WON versus Lucas Matthysse
round per round details
Manny Pacquiao versus Lucas Matthysse

Manny Pacquiao versus Argentinian fighter Lucas Matthysse Round Details
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: July 15, 2018, Sunday (Philippine Time)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte landed was spotted at Kuala Lumpur, Malysia late Saturday night with Special Assistant to the President Christopher "Bong" Go.
The Philippine National Anthem was sung by Singing pastors from Gen. Santos City with Ali Forbes.
National anthem of host country Malaysia "Negaraku" was also sung.

Manny Pacquiao made his ring walk to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" with big cheers from the crowd.
Manny knelt in the corner of the ring.
Lucas Matthysse has a record of 39 wins, 4 losses with 36 knockouts.


Michael Buffer introduced the fighters for the main event.

Let's get!!!!

Round 1 

After feeling each other out, Pacquiao is able to tag Matthysse with combinations midway into the round.
Manny displaying nice speed.
Matthysse seems cautious.
Good balance of aggression and caution for Pacquiao in the first round.
He was the busier fighter by far as Matthysse seemed to be feeling things out.
Round 1 ends

Round 2

Pacquiao keeping up his aggression to start the round
Matthysse has been able to do enough to keep Manny at bay.
Matthysse caught Pacquiao a couple of times with crisp body shots.
Round 2 ends

Round 3

Pacquiao caught Matthysse with a 1-2 combination coming in, sending the Argentinian to the canvas.
Pacquiao remains cautious through the rest of the round, peppering Matthysse with pkunches from the outside.
Pacquiao scores a knockdown in round 3!
Round 3 ends

Round 4

Pacquiao is able to tag Matthysse with combinations from distance.
Matthysse able to counter with some body shots inside.
Pacquiao able to dance in and out for the most part.
Pacquiao tags Matthysse several times with head shots toward the end of the round.
Round 4 ends

Round 5

Pacquiao rocks Matthysse anew with hard head shots early into the round.
Matthysse has a hard time dealing with Pacquiao's speed.
Referee Kenny Bayless warns the fighters from clashing heads.
"Manny!" chants break out anew throughout the arena.
Matthysse goes to his knee toward the end of Round 5!
Round 5 ends

Round 6

Kenny Bayless calls time as Matthysse catches Pacquiao with a low blow to begin the round.
More aggression from both fighters as action resumes.
Pacquiao getting the better of exchanges, rocking Matthysse with solid head shots.
Round 6 ends

Round 7

Pacquiao knocks Matthysse out in Round 7!


Official result: 7th round technical knockout at the 2:43 mark for Manny Pacquiao.