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FEATURE for the MONTH of July 2006...

Boracay Philippines

white sand beach at philippine boracay relax at boracay pirate boat sailing at boracay

Go around the best tropical and the finest beach in the world, come to Philippine Boracay. You have lots of adventures and fun to explore. With 37 beaches around the island, you will surely enjoy it's exotic atmosphere. It is a small beautiful island located at the Region 6 of the Philippines at the western visayas island group. It is the Philippines most popular beach and the number one tourist spot destination. Boracay island has been known as the Pacific island Paradise. It is also famous for it's rare luminous white puka shells which has been said to be the best in the world. It has been years that puka shells have been dug and sold on the island. When you are at Philippine Boracay, everyday seems to be a holiday beacuase all you have yo do is relax, enjoy and have fun. Just get up, make some coffee and decide whether to go sailing, windsurfing or maybe snorkeling and looking at corals. If you're curious you may get as far as the Caves of the Flying Dogs of Yapak' or Bat Caves on the other side of the island or just sit back and enjoy the sun.

footprint at boracay sand relax at boracay sand beach at boracay

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