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Filipino Recipe

kutchinta cassava bibingka halo-halo sinigang na baboy

Filipino Recipe has always been the best experience in the Philippines. Knowing how to cook Filipino dishes is always of great advantage since even tasting them can really make up your day, how much more if you know how to cook them. Philippines has been known to have filipino recipe to be constantly evolving merge of Oriental and Occidental influences. Chinese, Malay, Arab, Spanish, and American explorers and settlers have each contributed to the regions colorful culinary delights. Most of the Filipino recipes and filipino foods comes from the Spaniards, whose cuisine is at the source of nearly 80% of all Filipino recipes. Another, though less present influence is that of other South-East Asian countries who have contributed all but their love of hot spices to Filipino cooking in filipino recipe.

Native Filipino cooking is not too spicy despite the fact that spices are plentiful and readily available in the islands. The basic staple is rice of which hundreds of varieties are cultivated. Main source of protein is fish which abound in oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Meat, especially pork and poultry, is also commonly eaten. Beef is readily available but is more expensive; the cattle industry not being well developed in the country. Veal and lamb are not too popular but goat meat is considered a delicacy in some parts of the country as are frogs, rabbits and deer.

It is often when sampling native Filipino dishes that one appreciates the regional variations in the country.Come to Philippine country and explore how filipinos made these filipino foods and recipes very delicious.

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