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FEATURE for the MONTH of June 2006...

lechon in cebu philippines puso in isalnd philippine atchara

Lechon is very known to taste very good here in the Philippines. It has been very popular in Cebu City Philippines. Filipinos ususally eat together with the lechon, puso and atchara. Puso is a coconut leaf-wrapped rice shaped like a diamond. It is only available still in cebu Philippines. How do they do it? Well, it's just simple for cebuanos, the coconut leaves are first weaved into diamond shells. The master weaver then provides a hole open. They pour uncooked rice to the hole before sealing up the shell and placing them on a large pot filled with water and placing them over the fire. The common way of cooking rice happens when all that is done - which is simply to wait until the water is gone and until the rice have grown and gone soft. How about atchara? atchara is pickled of papaya. SO what are you waiting for? Don't just sit and watch, have yourself with these yummy foods from Philippines.