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FEATURE for the MONTH of April 2007...

Catanduanes Island Philippines

catanduanes island volcano in catanduanes island surfing place in catanduanes

Catanduanes island has been known in the Philippines as “an Eco-Adventure Paradise”. It is very good for people who likes nature as its best. The whole strip of this pearly island of the Pacific is almost untouched, unblemished, and unexplored. It has a long string of palm-fringed beaches and deep blue waters against a backdrop of luxuriant grassy mountains, and a totally laid-back rural charm and crowned with jewel-like island. It offers a totally laid-back rural attraction, a beautiful natural environment and plenty of easy action at a pace that is always relaxed. The local folks have always chosen a relaxed rural village life. They seem to be disinterested in rush development or any hurriedly rush into the modern world. As a result, the tourism industry is still in its early stages. But if you are interested in outdoor quest, an easy lifestyle among warm and friendly people and a general escape from the hysterical rate of urban life, Catanduanes is the ideal hideaway. It is a place where you could go back to simplicity and party in the absence of man-made anxieties and self-made entrapments; a total escape, they say.

Puraran in Catanduanes island is known as A promising surfing site in the town of Baras. It is the home of the well-known “Majestic” waves with its awesome long-barrel-type surf. Offshore waves are in their utmost shape during the months of August to September. The surfing area also shows a marvelous view of mountains and bays. Photo fanatics could get great view of the sunrise in this area. For holiday seekers, this is a place for total relaxation, be in touch with nature, and simply, innovation and peacefulness. Note that this is one of the wettest provinces of the country. Best time to come is between April to June.

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