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FEATURE for the MONTH of September 2007...

Dakak Island, Davao Philippines

dakak boat dakak davao dakak island dakak white sand

Dakak has always been known for its strikingly shaped bay and white sands and ofcourse as a very good diving spot. There are a lot of nice diving sites and magnificent sunset view. Nestled on the tip of Northern Zamboanga, Dakak faces the Sulu Sea in the west and is surrounded by mountains on its east side. Conveniently encircled by large island, Dakak tactfully avoids the typhoon belt, making it the ideal all-season destination. Diving in Dakak is best during the months of March until September. Dakak dive sites in the beach resort provide a variety of environment from gradual slopes to coral thickets, vertical walls and caves. Marine life is assorted. Some spots are thick with soft coral growth and huge basket sponges, others with schools of jacks, surgeons, and small reef inhabitant.

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