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FEATURE for the MONTH of November 2007...

Intramuros Manila Philippines

kalesa intramuros light intramuros san agustin

One of teh best way to spend your time in the Philippines is letting yourself feel the historic aroma of the Philippine country and this place is called INTRAMUROS. The name has been derived from latin word which means "within the walls". It describes the place itself since it's structure has also been surrounded by thick, high walls. The informations that we are going to provide you with one of the Philippine tourist spot, is Intramuros pre-historic settlement, Intramuros during Spanish colonial period, Intramuros original building structures and the buildings replacing the original structures, Intramuros during World War II and TODAY.

Your visit to Intramuros Manila will surely be breathtaking. Thus place do not only have abundant flowers and plants, it has been designed to a relief for visitors looking for a shade in ever hot Manila. You can stroll around enjoying the magnificent decorated horse drawn carriages.

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