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Philippine Money and Currency - PESO Bills and Coins

five peso billtwenty peso billtwo hundred peso billfive hundred peso billone thousand peso bill
one centavo coinfive centavo cointen centavo cointwenty five centavo coinone peso coinfive peso cointen peso coin

LETTER P is the symbol for PESO with two horizontal strikethrough lines. It is sometimes shown as a P with just one strikethrough line or just a P with no strikethrough lines at all since there are problems with font support. The ISO 4217 code for the Philippine peso is PHP. Philippine currency exists as both coins and bank notes (or bills). The peso or piso is equal to 100 centavos or sentimo. Centavos are practically worthless and as such, most centavo coins are not used that often in everyday business.

We provide you with the description, images, colors, meanings of the Philippine Bills and Coins.

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