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Philippine Shopping Malls

sm mall of asiamakati philippinestrinoma mall quezon city

Shopping in the Philippines has always been very fun, enjoyable, and it's also one way of family gathering. There are a lot of places to shop and we list them according to category and company for your convenience. In choosing where to shop, it all depends on what you intend to buy and your budget. In the Philippines, the Retail industry became an important contributor to the Philippine economy as it accounts for roughly 15% of the Philippines’ total Gross National Product (GNP) and 33% of the entire services sector. It employs some 5.25 million people, representing a significant 18% of the Philippines' work force, which means roughly 2 of every ten (10) workers is employed in the retail industry. The Philippine Retailers Association is its association of retailers, mall and shopping center operators.

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