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Fantasy World

fantasy world philippinesfantasy world philippines

Location: Barangay Mayasang Lemery Tagaytay, Philippines about 2 hours average travel time drive from Manila Philippines

Fantasy World Philippines is a family entertainment facility, theme amusement and recreation club park. It is located on top of the soft rolling mountain ridge overlooking the clear panoramic views of Taal Lake and Volcano. After its completion, facilities will consist of golf & country club, hotel, condotels and residential houses. The site was chosen for Fantasy World by the proponents for its mild climate, purity of air, and closeness to Metro Manila and the Southern Provinces. Entrance to Fantasy World will be through the main gateway along Diokno Highway. Entry to the site can be from any of the six (6) major road networks.

Fantasy World Theme Parks, Amusement and Recreation Club, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit corporation established primarily as a membership club which will operate and maintain a country club, amusement theme park and water park for the exclusive use and benefit of its members, their families and guests. Fantasy World offers a complete family entertainment facility similar to those found in Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and other amusement and theme parks found throughout the world.

fantasy world philippinesfantasy world philippinesfantasy world philippines


You become a co-owner of Fantasy World when you own at least one (1) share being offered today. This is a proprietary share. Holders of FW shares are co-owners of Fantasy World and are considered members. Each membership-share is proof by one membership certificate.

Offered price for each share is at pre-selling price. Once FW facilities are completed, it is anticipated that share’s value can appreciate up to 200% or more of its original value. Maximum number of shares a single buyer is allowed to purchase is 100 shares

Key Benefits are:

1. All members shall enjoy identical club privileges. They can use all the facilities of the club together with their immediate family members - (spouse & minor children at the time of purchase)

2. Members are entitled to one vote for every membership-share atal elections. A member can cast as many votes as he has membership certificates registered in his name

3. Each member is permitted to accompany a maximum of three guests at any given day. There will be an additional add-on for guests of members to use the facilities of Fantasy World

fantasy world philippines fantasy world philippines