Ocean Adventure Philippines Amusement Theme Park
Ocean Adventure Philippines Amusement Theme Park

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Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure Subic Philippines Ocean Adventure Subic Philippines Ocean Adventure Subic Philippines

Location: Camayan Wharf, West Alanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which use to be a US Naval base. It is roughly 100 kilometres from Manila and on average would be a 3 hour drive, however depending on traffic it could take up to 4 hours.

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay is the first Southeast Asia’s only open water Marine Park. Here our animals live and play in a natural setting of clear water swarming with marine life, coral reefs, and a lovely white sand beach. Experience an encounter with whales, and sea lions, and a host of fish and sea creatures in a selection of exciting and cherished ways. Ocean Adventure is an all-weather park. It has covered walkways, sheltered stadiums, and indoor facilities that will insure their guests will have a comfortable experience, in sunshine or in rain.

The three main parts to the Subic Ocean Adventure Park are the Sea Lion Show, Whale Presentation and Discovery Aquarium.

Subic Ocean Adventure Floating Habitat

The Ocean Adventure Park is fairly proud of being environmentally friendly and try to encourage and teach conservation to all who come. The materials the marine park used:

• 65,000 ft (6,000m2) Tensar which is a tough, lightweight plastic mesh used on hillsides to prevent mud or rock slides. This is used as the pen and fencing materials.
• The fence and pen are sewn together with 90,000 feet (27,500m) of a tough UV-resistant nylon line called Tuna-Cord.
• 1,100 ft (335m) of an oil slick retention boom-line, called Aquaguard, it is the same system used to contain oil spills. It protects the animals from surface scum and pollutants.
• The pens and habitat are moored. They use over 150 tons (136,500kg) of recycled concrete, telephone poles and concrete batch sample plugs that are all used to hold everything in place.
• Over 3,000 ft (950m) of nylon line is used as moorings.
• 300 key-lock floats, made of a light weight polyurethane material and held together by hourglass shaped key-locks, make up the walkways.
• 825 ft (250m) of heavy gauge 2" PVC piping make up the blue fence posts.
• 1,200 ft (365m) heavy gauge 6" PVC, stiffens the walkway systems.

Subic Ocean Adventure Sea Lion Show

As you walk into the Ocean Adventure Park you will face the water. If you walk to the left you will come to the Seals, to the right are the False Killer Whales and Dolphins. They are kept and either end of the marine park.
The sea lions are actually South American Sea Lions and they do a show in the Nautilus Theatre. The show is real fun and enjoyable to all, there is an underlying message of how to take care of the environment. Now if you want to have your photo taken with one of the Sea Lions, well you can, you can shake it's fin or receive a big fishy kiss. Lots of fun for everyone.

Subic Ocean Adventure Whale Presentation

The highlight of the day since you can view the Whale Presentation from the El Capitan Stadium, which is named after a shipwreck just outside the marine park. The two False Killer Whales are named Pounder and Tonker and put on a mighty show for all to see, diving out of the water and towing and hurling there trainers out of the water. The show is conducted with an educational slant hoping that the guests may pick up something and use it in a way that may help the environment. You can swim with them or even scuba dive with them but it will cost you extra. You will get to touch and be towed by the False Killer Whales and there is always a photographer ready to take your happy snaps, which you can pick up on your way out with their corresponding prices.

Subic Ocean Adventure Discovery Aquarium

The Discovery Aquarium is a walk through building with numerous aquariums built into the walls. Each aquarium houses different diversities of marine and fresh water creatures; from the coral reefs through to the mangroves each ecosystem has its unique variety of fish.
From the Discovery Aquarium, you can really see the difference in colors between the marine or saltwater fish and the fresh water cousins, the marine are very dazzling and colorful.

Entrance FEE
: Adult: 450 pesos; Kids (12 years under): 370 pesos
Inclusive of entrance to the Ocean Adventure, Sea Lion Show and the Whale Presentation. If you want to get up close and personal with the False Killer Whales, Pounder and Tonker, it will cost you extra, more on that in a minute.


Whale and Dolphin Show
Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show
Ocean Discovery Acquarium
Sea Lion Training Center
Positive Reinforcement Training
Wildlife in Need Animal Rescue Center
Dolphin Lagoon
Animal Photo Opportunities
Swim with the Whales
Wade with our Whales and Dolphins
Dive with the Whales for Certified Divers

Ocean Adventure Subic Philippines Ocean Adventure Subic Philippines

A real deal for only 3, 000.00 pesos per person a year!
Ocean Adventure Privileges:
• Unlimited park visits for a year
• 10% off on food at the Ilanin Bay Cafe
• 10% off on souvenir items at Ocean Treasures
• 10% off on Whale and Sea Lion photo opportunities
• 10% off on Discover Scuba Diving
• Privilege attendance at any special lecture series:
• Marine Mammals of the Philippines
• Marine Mammals Care
• The Environment of Subic Bay & Environmental Programs
• Science of Aquaria

Camayan Beach Resort Privileges:
• Free Unlimited - all year round admission to the beach
• 50% discount on admission for six(6) friends visiting with cardholder
• 20% discount on cabana rental
• 10% discount on water sports facility rentals
• 10% discount on non-promo items at Coral Cove Bar and Grill
• Specialinvite for Camayan Beach Resort events and activities

DOLPHIN CAMPERS (with dolphin encounter):
Ages 7 - 11: Php 5,000.00
Ages 12 up: Php 5,500.00

SCOUT CAMPERS (without dolphin encounter):
Ages 7 - 11: Php 2,400.00
Ages 12 up: Php 2,850.00

o 2 days multiple park entry (9AM to 4.30PM next day exit)
o 1 whale and dolphin beach encounter (dolphin campers only)
o 1 night accommodation at the Discovery Aquarium (beddings provided)
o 1 day camp kit / supplies and materials
o 1 Ocean Adventure Camp t-shirt
o 2 days full meals (2 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast)
o 2 days snacks (3 snack packs)
o 1 dolphin solo wallet size
o 1 Certificate of Participation
o Aeta outdoor survival demonstration
o Lectures, film shows and art activities

Swim Encounter
Want an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime? Come swim with our whales and dolphins ! This 45 minute experience begins with a short presentation on marine mammals. You’ll be given a life vest and then hitch a ride with one of our whales to a floating platform in our big natural lagoon. In the deep water you’ll be joined by our animals for rides, hugs, and photos. Then it’s back to the beach for more touching and feeding and capturing great pictures. Come join the fun and make a friend for life.

Price: Php 3750 includes park admission. Minimum age 8 years old unless accompanied by an adult. Please bring swimwear and a towel. *Some encounter programs are not available year round. For inquiries and advanced bookings contact Ocean Adventure at 047 2529000.

Beach Encounter
For those who want to keep their feet on the ground, experience our wonderful whales and dolphins in the shallow water. Your 30-minute adventure begins with a short presentation on marine mammals, then meet these friendly animals eye-to-eye, hand-to-fin, and foot-to-fluke. Touch, feed, and hug your newfound friends. You’ll even participate in a demonstration of their sonar ability. Lots of great photo opportunities to keep the memories alive. Reserve your spot today.

Price: Php 2500 includes park admission. Please bring swimwear and towel.

Dive Encounter

Join our whales and dolphins for a special, intimate, underwater experience you’ll never forget. Your adventure starts with a personalized presentation on the individual animals you’ll be meeting. Then it’s into the lagoon for this 30 minute interaction. Explore the underwater world of whales and dolphins, and experience how gentle and playful they truly are. When you resurface, get one final hug captured on film for a lasting memory. There’s no other program like this in the world. So make your reservations today.

You must be a certified diver and have your dive certification card with you.
• Price: Php 4250 includes park admission and all dive gear. Bring your certification card, swimwear and towel.
• 10% discount for Friends of Ocean Adventure and Adventurer’s Club Members.
15% discount for Dive Professionals with a minimum of 4 divers.
• If you are not currently a certified diver, but would like to become one, check out our Dive Certification Program in this web site.

Photo Encounters
Our South American sea lions, dolphins or whales are waiting to meet you! You can shake a flipper, get a kiss, or give her a big hug, and have that moment captured in a photo you’ll treasure forever. Get the family involved, and sign up together – up to five persons in each photo. Sea Lion Photo Encounter Whale.

Price: One to Three persons Php 350.00 Whale or Dolphin Photo Encounter
Price: Solo Php 500.00 Two persons Php 650.00
Two persons Php 650.00
Three persons Php 800.00

Animal Trainer Adventure
Experience one of the most exciting careers in the world – an animal trainer. You’ll work side-by-side with our trainers and face-to-face with our whales, dolphins, and sea lions. Help prepare their food, participate in training sessions, enjoy a Whale and Dolphin Swim Encounter, and be a guest trainer in the Whale and Dolphin Show! This half-day program comes with lots of photo opportunities to make the memories last.

Price: Php 5350 includes park admission, lunch in the Ilanin Bay Café, an ocean adventure t-shirt, and a certificate of accomplishment. To participate, you must be in good health and at least 13 years old.