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"finest beach in the world"

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white sands in boracay philippines
Itis seven km long and one km width at itsnarrowest point, is situated off thenorthwest corner of the island of Panay,and lies in the Western Visayasisland-group, or Region 6, of thePhilippines. In Boracay, there are threevillages or barangays, Yapak, Balabag andManoc-Manoc.Yapak is generally hilly butthere are roughly beautiful beaches suchas Ilig-Iligan, Pukashell and Balinhaibeach.Balabag is the central part of theisland and the virtually popular place isWhite Beach. Half of the residents live ina quiet place Manoc-Manoc.

Boracayis a beautiful small island surrounded bycoral reefs and located one km north-west ofPanay island in Visayas of the Philippines.It is the most popular beach in the countryas the most visited tourist spot in thePhilippines. Before the middle of 1980s, itwas a famous hidden resort but known tolimited numbers of sea lovers. Now manytourists visit there from all over the world,America, Europe, korea, Taiwan and so on. Theclimate from March to June are the summermonths in Boracay, with temperatures rangingfrom 28 to 38 degrees Celsius. November toFebruary bring enjoyable winds, coolertemperatures, and occasional rain showers.July to October are the rainymonths.

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Highseason is from November to the end of May andlow season from June to October. Acommodationfee depends on the seasons and facilities ofhotels. Boracay is windy in whole seasons andespecially in the low season. There is nocoral off White Beach, though plenty of diveboats will take you to good dive sites.Windsurfing months are Nov-April, bestDec-Feb. The best months are Jan-May, OKJune- Sept [with some rain], but April andMay are Philippine school holidays and theplace gets noisy and crowded then. Don'tconsider Oct-Nov because it is windy,possibly grey and wet.

Languages used other than Tagalog/Filipino andother local dialects, English is generally spokenin Boracay. Aklanon is mostly spoken in AklanProvince (island of Panay), wherein Boracay ispart.


Theyreport 160,000 tourists visited or stayed inBoracay in 1997 and Koreans are major innumbers. In Visayas there are many marinesport spots with coral reefs and white beach.Among them four km long white beach ofBoracay is beyond contrast. There are a lotof restaurants and hotels along the whitebeach though they are hidden behind coconuttrees planted.

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Apeaceful atmosphere - though' fairly busy- and friendly locals. The sand isremarkably white, soft, in no way gets hotand extends for 3 miles. There is amassive diversity of small hotels,restaurants and bars offeringinternational cuisine just off the beach,comparatively cheap and relaxed. Althoughrated as one of the top ten beaches in theworld, current tourism expansion has leadto some environmental concerns.

The code in Boracay is precisely casual.Walking barefoot than shoes is the law ratherthan the exclusion. Wavering discos have thebeach for a floor, giving dance a new twist.From sundown to sunrise, the island turns intoone big party place where everyone is welcometo join in.

Boracay is the ideal site for golf, tennis,bowling, even beach volleyball. Top-of-classfacilities for these activities are availablein the island. For golf bugs, Fairways andBluewater Resort Golf and Countryclub has an18-hole championship course.

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How to go toBoracay?

Itching nowto go to Boracay White Beach? Pack your bags and take offto the Philippines’ greatest tourist destination.The country’s major airlines like the PhilippineAirlines fly regularly to Kalibo where the world’swell-known Ati-atihan fiesta is in custody yearly, Aklan.From there, you can take an air-conditioned bus toCaticlan, the jump-off point from where you will get aboat to Boracay. Asian Spirit and SeaAir, however, havedirect flights from Manila to Caticlan airport threetimes a week. If you’re coming from Cebu, you canalso take a direct flight to Caticlan. For thosetraveling by sea, there are shipping lines that ply theManila-Caticlan route or Manila-Dumaguete which is onlyhalf hour east of Kalibo.

If you wantto go to Boracay by plane, from Manila’s domesticairport, get flights to Boracay either via Kalibo (1 hourand 45 minutes away) or via Caticlan (10-20 minutes byboat). From Kalibo airport, air-conditioned vans andbuses for hire will take you to the Caticlan Jetty Port,where boats are stationed to carry you to the island.Motorized tricyles bring will take you from Caticlanairport to the jetty port, 3 minutes away.

Carriers from Manila to Caticlan:
• Asian Spirit
• Corporate Air
• Interisland Airlines
• South East Asian Airlines (SEAir)

Carriers from Manila to Kalibo:
• Cebu Pacific
• Philippine Airlines
• Air Philippines
• Asian Spirit

From Iloilo, there are air-conditioned vans and buses going toKalibo or directly to Caticlan, where boats going to Boracayare stationed.

From Cebu, Asian Spirit and Sea Air fly to Kalibo two timesweekly.
If you want a stress-free transfer from the airports tolanding stage port to Boracay, book your accommodations priorto coming to Boracay. You may be approached by some people atthe Kalibo and Caticlan airports trying to sell rooms totravelers without bookings. The best recommendation is to lookelsewhere. If you have a prior booking, do not be influenced bypeople offering "cheaper" or "better" housing.

If you want to take a boat going to Boracay, Several ferriessail between Manila and Caticlan. The journey takes between 12and 16 hours.
Ferries from Manila to Caticlan:
• Negros Navigation
• Super Ferry
• MBRS Lines

By Road

Buses and cars run from Manila to the Southern provinces bymeans of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. A nauticalsystem conceptualized under the term of President GloriaMacapagal Arroyo. Buses leave from the Philtranco terminal inCubao and Pasay city throughout the day. The journey by bustakes approx. 12 hours. Caticlan is the 4th port that thehighway runs through.

So what areyou waiting for? No matter what your heart’scraving is, Boracay Island can satisfy it beyond yourwildest imaginations. Upon arriving there, all you haveto do is prepare yourself for the next greatest days ofyour life.

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