Coron Island Palawan

"Enclosed Hidden Paradise"

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coron palawan coron island palawan

Coron Palawan is a wedge-shaped island wherein you can enjoy the pristine white and clear blue water beaches, dive sites or shipwreck diving wherein you can have an aquatic view of a dozen sunken Japanese warships at depths 10 to 40 meters. Coron Island Palawan Philippines is also perfect for snorkeling and deep sea fishing. It got its name from the Tagbanua word for “enclosed”.

Annual Fiesta: August 28, honor to Saint Augustine
Main industry: fishing and tourism Coron Palawan
Philippines zip code: 5316
Coron Palawan Philippines dialing code: 48
Region: MIMAROPA (Region IV-B)
Congr. District: 1st District
Number of lakes: 7 (famous lake is the Kayangan Lake – Nationally acclaimed cleanest lake in the Philippines)

Barangays of Coron Palawan Philippines:
Banuang Daan
1. Bintuan
2. Borac
3. Buenavista
4. Bulalacao
5. Cabugao
6. Decabobo
7. Decalachao
8. Guadalupe (also called Binalabag)
9. Lajala
10. Malawig
11. Marcilla
12. Barangay II (Pob.)
13. Barangay III (Pob.)
14. Barangay IV (Pob.)
15. Barangay V (Pob.)
16. San Jose
17. San Nicolas
18. Salvacion
19. Tagumpay
20. Tara
21. Turda
22. Barangay VI (Pob.)
23. Barangay I (Pob.)

How to get to Coron Island Philippines:

You can come there by plane, Fly to Busuanga from Manila (PAL Express, Cebu Pacific) or by boat c/o Superferry. When you reach Busuanga Palawan, you can either take a jeepney or hire a 12-seater air-conditioned van.

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Tourist Attractions and Activities that you can enjoy at Coron Island Palawan Philippines:

1. Mount Tapyas – From the town proper, you can hike it for 30 minutes, Mt. Tapyas is the second tallest (210 meters) peak in Coron and gives a spectacular view of Coron Island. A staircase of seven hundred steps directs to the giant cross on top of Mount Tapyas. There are also rest stops along the way. Going there in the afternoon is better so you can see the breathtaking view during sunset.

2. Lualhati Park – you can see and enjoy the sunset view experience if you can’t go Mount Tapyas. There is also a zip line facility along the bay walk.

3. Maquinit Hot Spring – It can be found at Bgy. Tagumpay facing the passage of Coron Bay, you can go there by a 15-minute tricycle from Poblacion or by boat. Visit this hot spring to have a refreshing experience after a tedious hike.

4. Malcapuya Island - a stunning Island that has a “boracay-like” very fine white sand beach.

5. African Safari Calauit – It is a wildlife safari with real African Safari. It has zebras, giraffes, impalas, waterbucks, gazelles, elands, topis, bushbucks, antelopes (all from Kenya Africa) and bearcats, mouse deer and Calamian deer (endangered species).

coron palawan african safari coron palawan calauit safari

6. Siete Pecados – one of the best place to do snorkeling (best time to snorkel is 1pm to 2pm) in Coron Palawan. You can enjoy and experience swimming inside an aquarium, with corals and variety of fishes. Siete Pecados has also been famous since there has been a mermaid love story shooting here.

7. Barracuda Lake – this beautiful lake with shimmering emerald water is near the Kayangan Lake. It got its name from a story that been passed from generation wherein 2 giant barracudas lived in the lake. Barracuda Lake is also a Hall of Fame Awardee for the Cleanest and Greenest Lake in the Philippines.

8. Kayangan Lake – Entrance fee is at 250 pesos each. You go to the cave and have a remarkable view on top of the mountain for very nice scenery that is mostly photographed in Palawan. It is also considered as the Philippines cleanest lake.

9. Twin Lagoon – this lake is known for its water and towering rocks. On low tide, you can experience kayaking underneath the hole of the rock during low tide.

10. CYC Island – It is a nice and free beach.

11. Skeleton Wreck – You can see the sunken ship even if you are only snorkeling

12. Banol – white sand beach and has wonderful flower trees on a rocky island.

13. Beach 69 – if you come from Kayangan Lake, you get to experience the beach for free.

14. 7 Islands – this is guarded by 2 locals for 24 hours since this is a marine reserve. You can snorkel or dive to see the amazing coral reefs here. 15. Coron Diving - Enjoy lots of ship wreck and coral diving with Discovery Divers, Sea Dive and Coron Divers. 16. Coron Island Palawan horseback riding, mountain biking, and Jungle Treks.

Where to eat and dine, Restaurants in Coron Island Palawan Philippines

1. Bistro Coron - French food at affordable prices.
2. KokosNuss Resort - Requires 6 or more people to avail of the all you can eat BBQ deal (Palawan style).
3. The Old House - affordable food.
4. The Chicken Grill
5. You can also have the option to let the lodge that you are staying to prepare the foods or fruits that you bought from the market free of charge. You can also try local fruits ( mango, watermelon, jackfruit, coconut)

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Coron Island Palawan Philippines Beach Resorts, Hotels and Lodges:

1. BALAY MAJIKA LODGE - Maggie Palanca, Real St., Coron, Palawan
2. BUSUANGA ISLAND PARADISE - Dimaniang, Guadalupe, Coron, Palawan
4. CLUB PARADISE RESORT - Dimakya Island, Coron, Palawan
5. DIVE-LINK CORON - Oson Island, Coron, Palawan
6. CORON REEF PENSION HOUSE - Bgy. 5, Poblacion, Coron, Palawan
7. DARAYONAN LODGE - Poblacion, Coron, Palawan
8. EL RIO Y MAR BEACH RESORT - San Jose, Coron, Palawan
9. HOTEL MICHELANGELO - Bgy. Tagumpay, Coron, Palawan
11. KOKOSNUSS GARDEN RESORT - 5316, Coron, Palawan
12. KUBO SA DAGAT - Bgy. Malbato, Coron, Palawan
13. KRYSTAL LODGE - Coron, Palawan
14. LAMUD ISLAND RESORT - Coron, Palawan
15. L & M PE SEA LODGE - Bgy. 3, Poblacion, Coron, Palawan
16. PRINCESS OF CORON RESORT - Bgy. I, Coron, Palawan
17. RUDY’S PLACE LODGE - Bgy. 6, Poblacion, Coron, Palawan
18. SANGAT ISLAND RESERVE - Sangat Island, Coron, Palawan
19. VILLAGE LODGE - Poblacion, Coron, Palawan

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