Honda Bay island, Palawan

"The Last Frontier"

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Framing the rocky andfascinating coastline of the capital of Palawan, PuertoPrincesa City is Honda Bay. Its blue cool waters are scatteredwith islands that guarantee one of a pure-pleasure experience.From snorkeling in its clear waters to the more adventurousisland hopping within its districts to simply having a picnicin the fine sand of its beach areas, Honda Bay is sure to leavea lasting impression on the visitor.

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Oneof the Philippine's premiere touristdestinations, Honda Bay, Palawan island isalso known as the "The Last Frontier". It ishost to several of the most exclusive resortsin the country. With its white sand beaches,magnificent landscape, fishing villages andrainforests, it is a favorable destination ofadventurers and nature lovers. The provincehas several sites that attract divers fromvarious parts of the world. In the citycenter of Puerto Princesa, hall of fameawardee for the cleanest and greenest city inthe country, several tourist spots can beseen in a one day tour. This would includeIwahig Prison and Penal Farm, the world'slargest prison "without bars", and theKamarikutan Gallery. The city's best offeringis the St. Paul Subterranean National Parkthat is famed for its 8.2 kilometer logriver, said to be the longest of its kind inthe world.

Regardless of its dazzling natural beauty, Palawan's 1,770 islands has been one of the least developed holiday destinations in Southeast Asia aside from the well-known El Nido Beach Resorts. So far the lack of commercialism has made Palawan very special, but it is becoming more popular mostly for international divers, as well as adventurers.

Theperfect place for sun questers and lovessnorkel diving is Honda Bay. HONDA BAY is oneof the most beautiful places in thePhilippines and the best place around. It hasbeen known to be the best dive spots in thePhilippines.

Honda Bay is comprised of several islets with shallow reefs bordering wonderful beaches which have become the much loved swimming, snorkeling, and diving destinations of local residents and tourists. The best recognized islands of Honda Bay are Cowrie and Bat named because of the large fruit bats coming out of their holes at sundown for their evening feed. Another is Snake island, of curvaceous tongue shape like a snake and with a white sand beach noted for large and lovely shells. Other interesting islands are Canon, Pandan, Starfish, Lu-Ii Island (derived from the word ""lulubog-lilitaw"", meaning floating and sinking island, is visible only during low tide), Señorita Island (the breeding site of lapu-lapu fish). and Meara Marina. Starfish Island, with coral reefs breaking crystal clear water onto empty, fine white sand beaches and clear water that teems with starfish. Arreceffi Island contains the luxury Dos Palmas Beach Resort, while lesser accommodation can be found on other islands, or stay at Puerto Princesa Beach resort and take a half hour boat trip to your much loved deserted beach. Lodging facilities are available for overnight stays in the islands of Meara Marina and Starfish (Sandbar Resort).

Palawanalso offers the Philippines' best dive spotat the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, a Worldinheritance Site. Dive boats operate fromMarch to May and can be arranged at PuertoPrincesa, Palawan's capital. The city alsooffers all kinds of jungle eco-hikes and an8.2 km underground river trip. Best isbetween December to May. A possible heavyrain is between June to November, but notnecessarily.

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Going toHonda Bay Island

The bay issituated in Sta. Lourdes Tagbanua, Puerto Princesa City.About 12 kilometers east of Puerto Princesa City is Sta.Lourdes wharf where pump boats could be hired to taketourists to the island of their choice. Some islandsrequire an entrance fee; others are privately owned,thus, authorization from the owners is required. Sta.Lourdes wharf is 25 minutes away by hired tricycle orjeepney. A pump boat ride from the wharf to the differentislands is from 15 to 50 minutes.

The fastest way to reach Honda Bay is via Barrio Tagburos is amercury slag heap; one should not eat fish there. A dozen smallislets with wonderful beaches and good sites for diving liealong the bay. Boats to the islands can be rented inTagburos.

Just thirty minutes north of the City proper, hop into a boatand Go Island hopping at Honda Bay. Take your pick from dozensof white sands beaches. Pull on your mask and snorkel andglance into the rich marine life underwater. Dive sites aboundhere, as the entire area is studded with patches of coral andsand. Submerged reefs may be found close to the surface down to24 meters, small reef fish and aquarium fish are found here.The area may soon be transformed into a marine life park anddive camp.

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