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Every October the scenic city of Zamboanga, as the "City of Flowers", celebrates its grand annual Zamboanga Hermosa Festival or the popularly known as Fiesta Pilar with 12 days and nights of events and celebrations. The beautiful city of Zamboanga welcomes thousands to the region's biggest, most extravagant celebration of the year. The two day celebrations are mainly in honor of the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Pilar Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa, which is also commonly known as the “Fiesta Pilar” at the legendary Fort Pila who has a special fiesta in October. The people of Zamboanga passionately believe that the lady has served as their unifying cultural and historical symbol.

In tribute of her feast day, Zamboanga displays its loyalty and enthusiasm with a nine-night procession, the event includes live music, cultural performances; street parades, fireworks displays and one of the most amazing aspects of the festivities include a wonderful regatta with old sailing ships and yachts sporting red, yellow and other brightly colored sails. There are also art exhibitions and colorful flower shows displaying the botanical wonders of Mindanao's tropical vegetations. (Watch out for the orchids, which are particularly striking). 'Hermosa', which means beautiful, is an appropriate term for this visually dazzling event. This festival runs from October 1 to 12.