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August 9, 2009 Sunday
Darna 2009 GMA Primetime TV Series

darna marian rivera darna and valentina darna marian

Darna is a forthcoming fantasy Philippine drama produced by GMA Network adapted from the graphic novels of Mars Ravelo. Set to premiere on August 10, 2009. The darna role will be performed by Marian Rivera and with Iwa Moto as her main opponent Valentina.

Darna Primetime TV series is directed by Dominic Zapata and Don Michael Perez and produced by Wilma Galvante. This kind of TV series is a mixture of action, drama, fanatsy, romance, and science fiction. Which means that it is very suitable for all ages and everyone will surely enjoy and find this very interesting.

Darna is about a story of a beautiful land attractive young lady named Narda who grew up in an orphanage and lives a happy, quiet and simple life not until she must face the fact that she is the only one who can have the magical stone. It is a stone that can give her a very unique yet familiar power.

- Will Darna be able to take all her responsibilities that he is going to face?
- How will Narda resolve the fact that she picked Eduardo (Mark Anthony Fernandez), her childhood sweetheart, first, before even thinking about saving the world?
- How will Narda accept the fact that her greatest enemy would be her childhood friend which is Valentina?Will Narda ever correct her mistake of rejecting the power of the magical stone?

Cast and characters

1. Marian Rivera as Narda / Darna
2. Iwa Moto as Valentina (Darna’s no.1 nemesis. She is Mars Ravelo’s most popular villain. Her character was also made into a movie a long time ago. The reel was found in Thailand)
3. Mark Anthony Fernandez as Eduardo
4. Paolo Contis as Kobra (This creature is half-human half-snake)
5. Nadine Samonte as Babaeng Impakta (Her name is Roma, A Vampiric female born with a conjoined parasitic demon-twin)
6. Francine Prieto as Babaeng Tuod (She’s called “Lucifera”, a woodwitch who has the ability to fight enemies by means of her vines and roots, and can turn plants into deadly weapons. Also known as Lucila)
7. Ehra Madrigal as Babaeng Lawin (Her name is Armida, a winged female with Hawk-like predatory qualities)
8. Margaret Wilson as Babaeng Linta (Her name is Lutgarda, a bloodsucking circus-freak who can manipulate the weather)
9. Alfred Vargas as Gabriel
10. Robert Villar as Carding
11. Janice de Belen as Consuelo
12. Angel Aquino as Tagapangalaga ng Bato
13. Celia Rodriguez as Perfecta
14. Eddie Garcia as Padre Mateo
15. Ricky Davao as Dr. Morgan
16. Rufa Mae Quinto as Francesca
17. Caridad Sanchez as Loleng
18. Raymart Santiago as Crisanto
19. Polo Ravales as Shiro
20. Krissa Mae Arrieta as Liberty
21. Roxanne Barcelo as Aleli
22. Gabby Eigenmann as Apollo
23. Bearwin Meily as Watson
24. Ian de Leon as Alfonso

Guest Cast

1. Rita Avila as Alicia
2. Jestoni Alarcon as Simon
3. Renz Valerio as Young Eduardo
4. Joy Folloso as Young Narda
5. Sweet Ramos as Young Valentina
6. Odette Khan as Lola
7. Kier Legaspi as Kidnapper

Opening Theme Song: "NARDA" by Kamikazee
Composer: Jay Contreras

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