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April 30, 2009 Thursday
Ricky Hatton's New Tricks for Manny Pacquiao

ricky hatton versus manny pacquiao

Ricky Hatton was seated on the ring stairs engaging reporters from the US, England and the Philippines in a lively Question and Answer session wherein his subsequent answers would show that he wasn’t horsing around. Ricky Hatton believes the only way he will lose is if he doesn’t show up during fight night on Saturday which is Sunday in Manila, Philippines which made him so certain of beating Manny Pacquiao. He said “Not turning up,” is what would prevent him from winning against Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Hatton’s response made some people laugh from those gathered around him.

Hatton admits he remains the Hatton of old, one whose ultra-aggressive punching enabled him to steamroll over opponents with ease. The Manchester native, however, insists he has been fine-tuned a bit for his big fight against Pacquiao.

“I am still aggressive, still a body-puncher and still as ferocious as ever. I don’t think I have changed a great deal. I am just a little bit more polished in certain areas. This is the best Ricky Hatton has ever been,” Hatton boasted. “This is my weight division and I haven’t lost too many rounds at 140. You’re not fighting just the British bulldog now; the British bulldog has learned a few new tricks.”

Hatton might have been jarred a few times in the past at 140 lbs, but Pacquiao had also been under the same situation and even worse having been knocked out a couple of times and shaken a few times the past few years as well.

“Generally, my chin has been up to the job and I’ve got a few scary moments in certain fights here and there but I have a decent chin and Manny’s been hurt several times, body shots and head shots in the smaller weight divisions so that gives me full confidence.”

Told that he would immediately slip back to his old ways, slugging with wild abandon at the slightest contact, Hatton believes Pacquiao also is programmed to do the same thing. “When he gets hit with a shot he tends to psyche himself even more and he gets pissed off with himself and I am hoping that might be his downfall. The same can be said about Manny and myself.”