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July 24, 2006 Monday

Lava Flows continue at Mount Mayon

mount mayon about to erupt

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11 volcanic earthquakes has been recorded by volcanologists as mayon volcano flowed more lava. "The probability for an explosive eruption to occur is still fair," according to PHIVOLCS. In the bulletin, they said that to lava flow and increasing sulfur dioxide showed high level of unrest at mount Mayon.

Bonga channel has already reached 560 meter of lava flow. This was according to the institute as of 8 a.m. In Miisi, Mabinit and Buyoan channels, lesser lava flows has been taken charge of. It had already 324 shakes and recorded 11 volcanic earthquakes within the day, PHIVOLCS said. The sulfur dioxide emission rate from the summit crater double to 7,020 tons per day, it added.

PHIVOLCS said, alert Level 3 remains in effect around Mayon, adding that residents living in the six-kilometer permanent danger zone must evacuate because of the chance of a major eruption. PHIVOLCS said villages facing Bonga gully, including Mabinit, Bonga, Matanag and Buyoan should expects rockfalls, a lot of lava flows and less rock landslide.

Villagers wanted protection at the evacuation center, officials said in Santo Domingo town. Since the mayon had signs of eruption, 2,335 people or 495 families have fled their homes. The evacuees from the villages of Santa Misericordia, Fidel Surtica, San Isidro, Lidong and San Fernando are housed at the San Andres resettlement site and the Bicol evacuation center, Mayor Herbie Aguas of Santo Domingo said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Tourism in Bicol has made a list of designated viewing areas to give local and foreign visitors a guide where to go and view Mayon exhibiting its phenomenal beauty and fury. These areas are Cagsawa ruins, Maharlika Highway along lower Malabog, Daraga Church, Lignon hill, all in Daraga town; Boulevard, Mayon International Hotel at barangay Taysan, Tahao Road, Kapuntuka hill, all in Legazpi City.

The tourism department coordinated and advised hotel and restaurant owners to enhance their facilities specially the security of their hotel occupants due to the arrival of local and foreign visitors . The volcano towers 2,462 meters over Legazpi and covers an area of 250 square kilometers. It is the most active volcano in the Philippines with 47 eruptions recorded since 1616.