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July 18, 2006 Tuesday

Mount Mayon Eruption in about Two Weeks

mount mayon about to erupt

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In Legazpi CIty, Mount Mayon's crater has been filled with lava about 800 meters down and has reached the six kilometer radius of permanent danger zone. When the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) raised the alert to level 4, military in Bicol reactivate the "Task Force Mayon" to rescue the mayon people in trouble. They shall be all vacated in the danger zone.

The commanding General of the Army’s 901st Infantry Brigade based in Villahermosa Daraga, Albay, Arsenio Arugay, told that it was Lt. Gen. Pedro Cabuay, Southern Luzon commanding general, who reactivated "Task Force Mayon." He said that there will be an additional force of one army batallion that will be sent off from Albay. The "Task Force Mayon" will be available for assistance and aid which already includes rescue operations and security together with the Philippine NAtional Police (PNP) when the evacuation happens.

The PHIVOLCS volcano monitoring eruption chief, Ernesto Corpuz said that "Within two weeks a big bang is likely to occur. This is based on the parameters being shown by the volcano." At around 6 p.m. Sunday until 4 p.m. Monday, a stream of lava going towards Bonga gully has been seen which followed the flow of detached materials coming from the summit from the lava.

314 earthquake or shakes has been recorded by the seismic network during the observation time. This was when rolling materials and lava also occur. It was more than 111 tremor episodes recorded Sunday. However, since 6 a.m. Monday, there was no explosive quake that has been recorded.

1, 513 tons of sulfur dioxide (S02) emission rate of the volcanic trail has been measured on Monday compared to July 15 which was 2, 211 tons. The fast lava expulsion, increased seismic activity and high sulfur dioxide could lead to an eruption. The chief of the Albay Provincial Public Safety and Management Office, Cedric Daep, said that everything has been prepared once the Mayon Volcano will erupt. He has been with themunicipal disaster coordination officials to double check the groups preparation.

Residents living wihthin eight kilometers radius PDZ and near PDZ, especially residents facing the Bonga gully, with an alert of level 3 of Mount Mayon, must be careful for the coming eruption since there has been already rockfalls and lava flows that occurred. They have been already prepared for their evacution.