Famous Filipino Winnes, Champions and Philippine Pride Michael Martinez

philippine flag Famous Filipino Winners, Champions and Philippine Pride Michael Martinez

philippines famous winner Michael Martinez filipino champion Michael Martinez Michael Martinez Olympic Champion Figure skater

Birthdate: November 4, 1996
Birthplace: Paranaque Philippines
Hometown: Muntinlupa Philippines
Height: 5 feet 7.5 inches
Coach: Viktor Kudriavtsev
Choreographer: Philip Mills and Justin Dillon
Former Coach: Maria Teresa Martinez, John Nicks, llia Kulik
Skating Club: Metro Ice Skating Club (ISC)
World standing as of February 2014: 30th
Hobbies: origami, balloon sculpting, dancing, watching movies, computer games
School: Muntinlupa School for Child Development Philippines
Michael's Motto in life: Dream high and work hard
Ambition: To win an olympic medal

Michael began skating last 2005 at SM southmall ice skating rink. He trains in Manila Philippines and in Lake Forest, Caliofornia USA.
One of the reason Michael became a great skater is beacuse his mother has a great support on his sport.
According to his mother, Michael had asthma bronchitis when he was stll 2 months old and was always hospitalized.
His mother noticed that since Michael began ice skating, his health improved year after year.
So she supported him with this sport and spend for michael's skating rather than in the hospital.

Michael Martinez Injuries:

Notable recognitions:
1. Philippines Future of Ice Skating
2. The Golden Boy of Philippines Skating
3. Lord of the Rink (Philippines)
4. Prince of the Rink (Philippines)
5. Most Bemedalled Skater (Philippines)
6. Gifted Child (Sports, Philippines)
7. Asia’s Wonder Kid 2009 (Singapore)
8. Featured internationally in “ Disney Channel Hidden Talent Show 2009-2012”
9. Featured in numerous TV shows, Radio programs, newspaper articles (Philippines, United States, Singapore)
10.Galing Pinoy Awardee 2008 (Excellence in Figure Skating)
11. 1st Filipino figure skater who secured the spot in "Men's Single" in the coming XXII Winter Olympics

philippine pride Michael Martinez

International Figure Skating Competition AWARDS

JUNIOR GRAND PRIX, 3rd Place/Bronze Tallinn, Estonia (Oct 2013)
NEBELHORN TROPHY (Senior Level), 7th Place Oberstdorf.Germany (Sep 2013)
U.S.A. CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL (Senior Level), 6th Place Utah, USA (Sep 2013)
JUNIOR GRAND PRIX, 4th Place Riga, Latvia (Aug 2013)
WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP, 5th Place Milan, Italy (Mar 2013)
NEW YEAR’S CUP (Senior Level) 3rd Place Bratislava, Slovakia (Jan 2013)
VOLVO CUP (SENIOR LEVEL), 5th Place Riga, Latvia (Jan 2013)

CRYSTAL SKATE (Senior Level), Champion/1st Place Brazov, Romania (Nov 2012)
JUNIOR GRAND PRIX, 6th Place Zagreb, Croatia (Oct 2012)
JUNIOR GRAND PRIX, 4th Place NY, USA (Sep 2012)
PASADENA OPEN (Senior Level), 2nd Place Pasadena, California, USA (Sep 2012)
ORANGE COUNTY OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (Junior Level), 1st Place Yorbalinda,California.USA (Aug 2012)
WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP, 3rd Place (Preliminary Round)/15th Place Overall Minsk, Belarus (Feb 2012)
WINTER YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES, 3rd Place in First Event/7th Place Overall Innsbruck, Austria (Jan 2012)

ASIAN JUNIOR FIGURE SKATING CHALLENGE, 1st Place/Gold Medalist Hong Kong (Oct 2011)
JUNIOR GRAND PRIX, 8th Place Brisbane, Australia (Sep 2011)
SKATE SAN FRANCISCO, 2nd Place (Junior Level) San Francisco, CA USA (Sep 2011)
HOLLINS TROPHY, Champion/1st Place Sydney, Australia (Jun 2011)

GOLDEN WEST CHAMPIONSHIP, 3rd Place (Junior Level) Los Angeles CA USA (Sep 2010)
GLACIER FALLS SUMMER CLASSIC, 4th Place (Junior Level) Anaheim, CA USA (Aug 2010)

TIRNAVIA ICE CUP, 1st Place/Gold Medalist Tranava, Slovakia (Oct 2009)
ICE CHALLENGE, 1st Place/Gold Medalist Graz, Austria (Oct 2009)
SKATE CELJE, 1st Place/Gold Medalist Celje, Slovenia (Nov 2009)
ASIAN JUNIOR SKATING CHALLENGE, 1st Place/Gold Medalist Shenzen, China (Jul 2009)
ASIAN JUNIOR SKATING CHALLENGE,1st Place/Gold Medalist Hong Kong (May 2009)

ASIAN JUNIOR SKATING CHALLENGE, 1st Place/Gold Medalist Bangkok, Thailand (Oct 2008)
BROADMOOR OPEN, Gold Medalist (Short Program)/Bronze (Free Skate) Colorado, USA (Jun 2008)
ASIAN JUNIOR SKATING CHALLENGE, 1st Place/Gold Medalist Hong Kong (May 2008)